Guess What These Metal Fan Boys Did To Attend A Concert

A pair of elderly gentlemen ran away from their nursing home to attend a metal concert

Guess What These Metal Fan Boys Did To Attend A Concert
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Some things like love, music, art and adventure don’t heed to age. Have you seen those couple goal images, with the grandma caressing the grandfather, or an aged couple hiking through the mountains? Well, something similar happened in Germany.

A pair of men, aged by numbers, but young at heart, escaped from their nursing home to go to a heavy metal festival. After the home reported them missing, police found the two at 3am at Wacken Open Air, the world’s biggest and muddiest heavy metal festival. Reportedly, they were dazed and disoriented, but refused to leave. Eventually, they were persuaded to come back, and the police escorted them back to the home.

It must have been a task to locate them amidst the 75,000 strong crowd, attending the four day festival.

These music enthusiasts are not man babies. They are fans. And they deserve admiration for this. Imagine the strength of their will to pull such an act at their age, when some of us cannot even listen to loud music in our own rooms, without getting reprimanded.

You will not be surprised that the men were dazed when you realise that the organisers had arranged for a 7km pipeline to deliver thousands of litres of beer. That does seem like stuff made of dreams.

This also reminds us that music is a great healer. Surely, the adventure for their love must have added a few more days to the lives of these two men. Should not nursing homes arrange such concerts themselves, to avoid residents from pulling dangerous antics.

Sometimes age is just a number
Sometimes age is just a number

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Though it is rare for something similar to happen in India. Still, nursing homes and kids should stay on high alert when music fests are being conducted in their neighbourhood. Cause, music lovers can get crazy. These two men in Germany seem to have ruined it for everybody.