Great Anniversary Celebration Ideas

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Great Anniversary Celebration Ideas

By James DeFranco

Anniversaries are the perfect opportunity for the two of you to put aside some time just for each other. It is easy to get caught up with work, family commitments and other daily responsibilities which takes the focus away from you as a couple, so your anniversary is a special day that should always be celebrated, whether it is your first, sixth, sixteenth or sixtieth anniversary.

Celebrating your anniversary is as important as celebrating your birthday since it marks two people successfully navigating through another year of life as a couple. Whilst there are traditionally milestone anniversaries, particularly the silver, golden and diamond anniversaries, any anniversary is the opportunity to celebrate, particularly if significant challenges have been faced together.


Make your gifts unique with personal touch
Make your gifts unique with personal touch

A gift should always be part of marking your anniversary. This could be something you know that your partner would want, but may not justify buying for themselves, or you could follow the anniversary gift list that suggests both traditional and modern gift ideas. There is the traditional list that suggests materials that grow stronger with each year, starting with paper for the first anniversary, then cotton, leather, and others. This means that 3rd anniversary gifts could be a pair of leather shoes or a set of whiskey tumblers because the modern anniversary gift list that suggests clocks, china, and crystal for the first three anniversaries.


Partying with family and friends could be a good idea for celebration
Partying with family and friends could be a good idea for a celebration

You can have a big family party to celebrate a milestone anniversary but only do this if you would enjoy it. An alternative is to invite some close friends to dinner and share some fun stories about living together as a couple. Some couples would prefer a quiet meal for two, even if it is a 25th wedding anniversary. This can be particularly true for those who are away from home a lot because of work, or for those with significant caring responsibilities.

Vacation Or Staycation

A surprise trip would be a great anniversary gift
A surprise trip would be a great anniversary gift

A milestone anniversary would be a great excuse for a dream holiday, particularly if you were unable to have a honeymoon after you were wed. Wherever you choose to stay, contact the venue and see what surprises can be arranged for your room, perhaps a bottle of champagne or rose petals on the bed. A short weekend away more locally, to include a day at the races, or tickets to a show or concert and a night at a lovely local hotel is a great way to celebrate an anniversary.

Vow Renewal

Renew the vows you made to each other when you first got married, to commemorate a love that has deepened or matured. This is a great idea for those who eloped or were unable for whatever reason to hold a complete wedding. It can also be for those who have been through a rough patch but have reconciled differences so that the relationship is stronger than before. A vow renewal can also be a great way to commemorate a milestone wedding anniversary such as a 20, 30, or 50-year anniversary.


Anniversaries are a chance to look back at the last year. Your first anniversary is a chance to replay your wedding video. You can do this together or make a night of it by inviting your bridal party and groomsmen for a celebratory meal or drinks. You can return to the place where you first met or where you were married and have another photo taken at where you made your commitment to each other. It is also the chance to look forward to the year ahead and what you want for yourselves as a couple.

Be Adventurous

Make your anniversary one to remember by trying out a new skill or taking on a new challenge. A parachute jump, driving a race car or a sunrise balloon ride will create memories to last a lifetime. Alternatively, you may want to take up dance classes together, whether Latin, ballroom, or salsa. Anniversaries are a time to have fun together, a reminder never to stop learning and growing together as well as a chance to begin another year with new memories.

Sharing Gratitude Through Charitable Giving

As a couple, if there is a charity that you are keen to support, consider holding an event to raise money for them, or become involved in an event they are already arranging. If there is a sponsored walk, sign up friends and family and incorporate this into your anniversary. Contact the organization directly and ask how you can combine your anniversary celebration with helping them. You may find they need practical help that you can help with. Perhaps manning the phones at a telethon, repainting a room at the charity’s headquarters or so much more. Those who are unable to join you on the day could make a financial donation to the charity in your name.

James DeFranco
James is a husband, father, and retired writer. Now focused on writing articles on what he finds interesting and useful.