Google’s Cool New App Can Delete All Those ‘Good Morning’ Pics From Your WhatsApp Folder

It's a boon for those who own phones with low storage

Google's Cool New App Can Delete All Those 'Good Morning' Pics From Your Whatsapp Folder

Most of the junk from our phones is almost always hidden inside the WhatsApp folder. There are countless ‘Good Morning’ pictures, pathetic GIFs and cringy videos hiding in there that can free up a huge amount of space if you’re not lazy enough to wipe them manually. But if you are that lazy, Google has a solution for you.

An app called Files Go has just been launched by the company with an aim of easily cleaning up the useless content that’s occupying space inside your phone. The beauty of this app however, lies in its intelligence in distinguishing between content.

Google's FileGo Automatically Selects Good Morning Messages
Google’s FileGo Automatically Selects Good Morning Messages

It will, for instance, sort all the memes you receive on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other apps into a single folder. And it doesn’t hold the ability to identify just memes, Files Go also has the ability to select useless low-resolution images which mostly include the ‘Good Morning’ messages that are oh so popular on your family’s WhatsApp groups.

The stuff that Files Go identifies is bunched up into a cluster which you can directly delete from within the app. If you wish to keep some of those files, you can do that as manual selection of the sorted files is also possible. The app even has the ability to identify duplicate files, large files that are taking up too much space, unused APKs and more.

But there’s more to it than just that. Files Go also acts as a gallery for all the files that are present inside your phone. These include not just photos and videos, but also sound clips, music and more. Another important attribute up Files Go’s sleeve is a file transfer feature. This is comparable to SHAREit, as this app can transfer content at speeds of up to 125Mbps, without using up any of your mobile data.

Such an app is incredibly useful for those using lower-end devices, and India is a country where you see that a lot. The release of Files Go is one of Google’s several recent attempts to penetrate the Indian market with its Android programs.

If you’re interested in trying out Files Go, you can download it right away from the Google Play Store.

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