Google Will Help You Find Out Whether You Look Like A Van Gogh Or Rembrandt Painting

The new Google Arts and Culture App features an offer to help people find their arty doppelgangers


From the interesting Google Doodles to comparing your face with an emoji, Google always finds ways to engage with their audience. Now they are out with a new feature that lets you compare your selfie with a classical art piece. It is a face-matching tool that allows you to find your famous museum doppelgänger.

The app was originally created to allow users to peruse art from around the world. With the Face-Match feature, the Google Arts and Culture app has gone viral on social media, largely because of its hilarious results. After you download the app, you’ll have to snap a photo of yourself. You unfortunately can’t upload a photo, so be sure to find the best light and know your angles. The app will then reveal your famous portrait twin, and provide a percentage of just how good the match is.

People are trying the app to come up with hilarious results.
People are trying the app to come up with hilarious results.

Image Credit: twitter

But people are pointing out flaws in the new feature. The app doesn’t work in many countries, and people are worried that their face is being secretly transferred into a database.

It would be interesting to see what results turn up for some of our everyday personalities.

Image- Collage-

Modi would probably match with realist Russian painter Gavrill Gorelov’s self-portrait.
When we matched Modi we got the realist Russian painter Gavrill Gorelov’s self portrait

Image Credit: indiatoday, lazaregallery

Rahul Gandhi would ironically match with Thomas Jefferson’s portrait on the medallion.
When we matched Rahul Gandhi we got Thomas Jefferson’s portrait on the medallion.

Image Credit: wikimedia, harvardmuseums

The fun new feature lets users take a selfie, while Google’s complex visual search technology then analyzes. The app then searches its database to find a famous portrait hanging in a museum that most closely resembles the selfie. Some fine art look-alikes are more accurate than others, of course, and the app displays a percentage that indicates just how alike the selfie and painting are.

Your’s sincerely tried the app and found that the selfie matches Gauguin’s Merahi painting, which he painted of his companion in Tahiti.

So, try this fun app. Lets see who compares to the Mona Lisa?

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