Game of Thrones Season 7, EP 5: Predictions

There could be some more turn of events around the corner next Monday


Westeros is on Fire! Literally! We finally get to see some fierce dragon action beyond Essos as the Lannister army gets roasted in Highgarden. Now that everyone has actually seen the much fabled dragons and their mother, one can’t help but wait for a bigger showdown between the Targaryen allies and the might of King’s Landing. But before another epic battle unfolds, there could be some more turn of events around the corner next Monday

Will ‘The Mad Queen’ soon be added to Danaerys’ long list of titles?

While we all cheered as Danny flew around wreaking havoc, it does begin to bother that the young queen has started acting a little more on raw impulse and little less on the wise bidding of her advisors. Her almost irrational and one-dimensional insistence on Jon bending the knee with no better reason but the hackneyed “I was born to rule” is getting us kind of worried about her eventually going down the same route as her ancestor. In fact, here is a really wild theory for how this may end. In some sort of irony of the past, we might see the Queen’s hand Tyrion, betraying her the way Jamie was once compelled to as the King’s Guard, when the madness went out of hand.For the sake of the larger sentiments, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

Team Cersei strikes back

A significant part of her army turned to ashes and Jamie almost dying. This isn’t something about which Cersei will choose to sit quiet whilst sipping her wine from ornate goblets. She will strike back and the stranded Unsullied army at Casterly Rock might just be the right target.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow will be able to further convince Danny of the White Walker threat and might just be successful in gathering some more resources to take with him to battle the white walkers. Of course it won’t be easy and might involve Danny trying to intimidate him first, with a dragon or two, to bend the knee if he desires her help. But Jon didn’t return from the dead for this after all, did he?

Until another Monday… Torrent Morghulis!