Four Minutes! That’s All You Save By Driving Rash

Pune police prove the futility of rough driving in an interesting experiment.

Four Minutes! That’s All You Save By Driving Rash
Image Credit: amazon, Movie - Dhoom 2

If plain common sense is not enough, and if you really needed proof to show you that rash driving is not useful, Pune police have done you a favour through an experiment. They did so by pitching two bikers together, on similar vehicles to travel a distance of 10 km but with different instructions. While one was told to religiously follow traffic rules and the other was told to reach the destination ‘at the earliest’ in whichever way he wanted. They one following rules reached only four minutes after the rash driver.

It is interesting to note how the difference between the two bikers was only four minutes. The tweet went viral in no time, with many appreciating the experiment. The official Twitter handle of Ahmedabad Police retweeted the tweet asking people if the risk was worth it.

It is laudable how the authorities are trying to use all devices to ensure safety on the roads. Mumbai police have become quite a Twitter expert, even replying within minutes when you ask them about traffic congestion on roads. Bengaluru had an actor dress as Yama, the lord of death, to remind them to wear helmets.

Mumbai police tweeted a photo for PUBG players to wear helmets. There was even an advertisement in which Gods and Goddesses like Lakshmi and Ganesh would wear their crowns like helmets before sitting on their ride, whether a bird or a rat. And now this classic experiment by the Pune police.

Evidently, the social media reacted to the tweet as soon as they came to know about the interesting traffic experiment. Seemingly, the netizens were all-praises for the Pune Police for proving that rash driving does not help in reaching the desired destination faster, and also put lives at great risk.

So, the next time you ride on the road rashly, in a hurry to meet your partner or your boss, relax. If they really need you, they can wait for 4 more minutes.