Food Delivery On The Roll – From Chennai To The “Chaand”

The curious cases of food delivery companies in India!

Food Delivery On The Roll - From Chennai To The “Chaand”
Image Credit: timesnow

Evolution is beautiful. Anything can start off as one thing and through evolution become something more or completely different, over time. That is how humanity arrived from mere amoebas. That is how what started out as online food delivery services are now the Kardashians of mobile apps- making headlines every day as if it is no big deal. Feels like it was only yesterday when a delivery boy from Zomato was caught on camera eating from the food package he was supposed to deliver and the news single-handedly managed to divide social media opinion to the point where people were ready to eat up each other without any added assistance required from Zomato. Since then, as it seems, the food delivery apps never left the news.

Posted by Balamurugan Deenadayalan on Sunday, February 10, 2019

First, it was a customer of Swiggy in Chennai whose angry complaint post on Facebook got a lot of highlight. All the poor man wanted was some Chicken Schezwan Choupsey but Swiggy delivered it with an added token of a blood-stained Band-Aid. To add to this callousness, both the app and the restaurant refused to take responsibility and provide a refund or replacement of the order.

But what is more horrifying than a bloody Band-Aid in your food? The job market in India. And that is exactly what Shouvik Dutta, a Kolkata resident got hit with, who got a brutal reality check by Zomato. According to Dutta’s Facebook post, when he ordered his food from Zomato, the details updated by the app of the delivery boy sent him into shock- the guy who was coming to deliver his food was actually a Post Graduate in Commerce from Calcutta University! The post got picked up by several outlets online and sparked a good debate about the spiral downward fall that this country’s economy seems to be in. Poor Shouvik must have felt under qualified to receive the delivery! Food is what students go to in order to cope with the despair that the education system puts them under, but guess, not anymore- the escape has been hijacked lads.

But just as the tragedy was getting heavy on the heart, soon came the comic relief when Zomato’s customer support went a step ahead to assure one of its customers, skeptical about their refund, with just two words: “Maa kasam”. Some of us are still Dharmendra fanatics and it shows.

Even though this was hard to top, Swiggy took up the challenge and went fully “on crack” mode when their services detected an order made from Chennai, in Rajasthan! Their delivery guy even picked it up and then Swiggy provided the customer with a charted route from Rajasthan to Chennai with a bike icon. Apparently, they were going to deliver it within 12 minutes. Guess Swiggy employees like to have a little too much of a fun during weekends, huh?

Who knew one day food delivery apps would step up to supply content to poor sensationalist websites? Sometimes hilarious and sometimes tragic, these incidents perfectly embody the theme of Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham more than Karan Johar could ever fit in his directorial career.