Elon Bajirao Musk – Tani: And The Laughter Riot That Followed!

Is Elon Musk bowled over by Mastani and her charms?

Elon Bajirao Musk - Tani: And The Laughter Riot That Followed!
Image Credit: tribuna.com, Movie: Bajirao Mastani

Our very own Phil of the Future (geddit?!), Elon Musk yesterday, tweeted a GIF and a song link from the Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone starrer 2015 magnum opus Bajirao Mastani directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali to the obvious delight of the Indian audiences. He captioned it as “Bajirao Mastani” and followed it up with yellow hearts. The film that has gone on to become quite a classic in the romance of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh actually completed three years on December 18 and was tweeted and retweeted by the entire cast and crew of the film. We are taking a wild guess here but there is a possibility of Elon coming across Queen Deepika’s Twitter account and going, “Hmm. Looks interesting. I need to check this film out.” Ever wonder how that must be? Tech giant and well-known space visionary, on his free time chills with Bajirao Mastani on Netflix. Smooth. Quite smooth.

Twitter was alive with Bajirao and Tesla memes floating all around. Quite sure, that Ranveer Singh is now doing the Malhari dance in his house, this time with real-life and reel-life Mastani by his side. Indian twitterati were at their hilarious best as they saw the post.

Twitter user @nuchuzone tweeted, “Tesla in India Mission. 1: tweet about Indian song. 2: let every Indian talk about you. 3: come to India with Deepak Ahuja to convince ISRO to give patent for EV battery for ease of manufacturing. 4: make and sell tesla. Victory”

Twitter user @anirudh_arsenal was absolutely flabbergasted and tweeted a hilarious “WHAT CROSSOVER EPISODE IS THIS”

It is understandable that with Elon is in love with the film. Cause let’s face it, Who WOULDN’T be?! The question on everyone’s mind post this ‘crossover episode’ of Bajirao of the past and Tesla of the future is when is Tesla being finally launched here in India? Please Elon, if you are listening to us, tell us before we burst at our seams from curiosity! We also have your brand ambassadors ready for you and they are both married. Umm… to each other, that is.

Well, whatever and whenever that case maybe, we are keeping our eyes peeled on the futuristic tech God’s twitter account for that’s where all the action would be. Because like Twitter user @PeterNemere said, “It’s meant to end with profit.” Hopefully for both the parties involved, eh?