Double Your Eidi Of Happiness With These Hilarious Tweets!

Eid is all about celebration and happiness. So why not multiply the fun with few crazy sense of humor!

Double Your Eidi Of Happiness With These Hilarious Tweets!
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With every #EidMubarak greetings on the social media, you will also find one crazy soul sharing some hilarious experience or observation about the festival. Festivals are all about laughs and smiles in true sense, so these tweets really double our celebrations. Here are few tweets to double your Eidi of laughter and happiness!

When The Sad Reality Hits You!

One of the most happening aspects of Eid is the custom of Eidi. Elders give money to children as gifts and blessings of Eid. Every kid looks forward to this day in the hope of earning lots of money. But, a kid can only hope! While every year Eid is welcomed with hopeful eyes and prayers of receiving loads of cash, it ends in disappointment. I know a friend who has been receiving an Eidi of Rs.100 for last 5 years. Poor soul! SOMEBODY DEMAND A RAISE ALREADY!!

Less Or More Is Secondary. Eidi Is Compulsory!

Alright then, if you just want to give an Eidi of Rs.100, that’s fine. You will be excused. The kids will manage. But how dare you not give Eidi at all, huh? As an elder, as a relative, your sole purpose on Eid should be to give Eidi okay? If you forget this, what’s the point of Eid even? Somebody teach them Eid lessons yaaaaar.

It’s Eid Mubarak For Allah’s Sake!

Merry Christmas bolte ho na? You don’t ever wish Christmas Mubarak, do you? Please do not say Happy Eid and take away its meaning. All the emotions, feelings, and energy is stored inside those two words. Eid Mubarak! Sounds great right? Happy Eid? Ugh. Yuck. You don’t deserve Eid if you say that, okay?

This One Never Gets Old!

The infamous fight between the Biryani and veg Biryani gets a whole new fresh start on Eid. Every Eid enthusiast is excited to feast! Feast on what though? Chicken Biryani of course! So, all those who prefer Veg Biryani should take a backseat and keep their mouth shut really. This meme perfectly describes the emotions of a true blue Biryani eater!

Pun? Pun!

Here is our favorite Eid wala Pun! What’s better than using the ex US President’s name to make a pun on Eid? Nothing! Eid MuBARACK you guys! Oh and did you know? THE WHITE HOUSE HELD ITS FIRST EID AL-FITR DINNER IN 1996! First Lady Hillary Clinton hosted the first official Eid al-Fitr dinner in 1996, and the Clintons continued the tradition every year after. The Bush too hosted a dinner every year and the man of the paragraph Barack Obama hosted his last one in July 2016.

ID Mubarak y’all. Also Password Mubarak!

Oh how have we grown! Remember the time when you used to say Id Mubarak and your teacher used to cut half marks for it! Yeah, some of us never learnt and carried on the practice. But thank goodness, the tides have changed and people now know the correct spelling! Now Id password Mubarak anymore! It’s our good old Eid ♥

This was fun, right? Did you come across any funny tweet today? Let us know in the comments! Show us your meme game.