Do You Know Remus Is Back? Yes We Are “Sirius”!

Harry Potter spells bewitch Remus the dachshund

Do You Know Remus Is Back? Yes We Are “Sirius”!
Image Credit: Instagram

So if you thought you could become a certified wizard only after having received a Hogwarts acceptance letter and after going on a shopping spree in Diagon Alley, you are mistaken. Potterheads, you got yourselves a tough match in Remus, a dachshund who is so well acquainted with the Harry Potter spells that he could easily beat Hermione Granger in the OWLs and probably be the commander in chief of Dumbledore’s Army! Yes you heard it right. Truly magical, isn’t it?

Who knew dogs could respond to Harry Potter spells? Remus, very rightly named is definitely not a muggle. Owned by a YouTuber who happens to be a Potterhead, Remus doesn’t train in German or athletics or for dog shows. He trains in spells and clearly isn’t an ordinary dog. If you need someone to fly mid-air in response to Wingardium Leviosa, (mind it, it’s not LeviosA but LeviOsa), or someone to pretend to be in excruciating pain in response to the death spell Avada Kedavra, please get yourselves a Remus. Videos of him responding to the stunning spell (stupefy) or ascendio have taken the internet by a storm.

Due credit goes to the owner as well, Anna Brisbin who is a die-hard fan, clearly and has definitely got her priorities straight! She has dedicated her entire life to the magical world of Harry Potter and is now recreating that magic by training her super adorable dog. And she admits, while some spells were a bit tricky like crucio, most of it was easy. Brisbin is lucky to have an amazing pet to pass on the legacy to! the cult that Harry Potter has given rise to and over the years sustained, is now expanding and has also come to include four legged creatures who cannot talk but can respond to spells alright! As they say, fandom comes in all shapes and sizes.

Brisbin and her pet is clearly out to show what cool really means. She looks up to Harry Potter as a source of inspiration and acknowledges how greatly it has contributed towards her career as an actor. Well, what can we say. Looks like Remus is surely a keeper. So in case anyone of you is planning to take a dog, make sure you thoroughly enlighten him on the beauty that is Harry Potter first. Everything else can wait.