DIY Holi Colors – How To Go Natural This Holi?

Create your own colors to save yourself and the earth!

DIY Holi Colors - How To Go Natural This Holi?
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The festival color is probably the best time of the year, for Holi calls for celebrations, togetherness, mirth and happiness. Holi is the time when we come together with our loved ones and get soaked in colours. The various colours of love get mingled with the myriad colours of the celebration and the enjoyment and glee is endless. However, amidst all the celebration and happiness what slips our mind is the use of chemicals in the colours. Colours are an integral part of Holi, without which the celebrations would make no sense.

In that case, it is only fair that we keep the celebrations intact and at the same time, keep in mind the fact that safety comes first. There are people with sensitive skin for whom the chemical laden colours can turn out to be pretty dangerous. So taking into consideration the safety of one and all, it is always best to go for natural colours because by choosing natural colours over the ones with chemicals, you can enjoy Holi without any worries.

It may be a bit cumbersome to make natural Holi colours and the only thing that may come to your mind is mixing flour with food colours, but even food colours are laden with chemicals and it is best to avoid them. Here are some of the natural colours of Holi, which are derived from nature:

Red – From The Lovely Rose Petals

Get the most vibrant red colour from dried red rose petals
Get the most vibrant red colour from dried red rose petals

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No celebration is complete without this red. Be it a wedding or any other occasion, red colour is a must and the same goes for Holi. Red colour can be acquired from drying the rose petals and getting them powdered in the mixer and mixing it with flour.

Yellow – The Hue Of Indian Food

Yellow is one of the major colours of this celebration. Yellow can be made naturally by mixing one tablespoon of turmeric powder and some gram flour. With these two simple ingredients, you will have the natural yellow color to celebrate with.

Green – Make Use Of The Herbs

Using some herbs from your kitchen can help you get this bright green colour
Using some herbs from your kitchen can help you get this bright green colour

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Green, with all its hues and shades, is an amazingly soothing colour and Holi would remain incomplete without a touch of green. So, in order to acquire natural green colour, you can mix henna powder with herbs like tulsi and pudina, and it will be good to go.

Brown – A Mix From Your Kitchen

This is an unconventional colour and what is Holi without a bit of some whacky colours? Brown is that color which adds more liveliness to the celebration. Naturally brown can be acquired by mixing methi powder, gooseberry powder and turmeric powder. With these three simple ingredients, you can play with a natural brown color.

Black – The Ultimate Combination Of All Colours

This is the most important color for it adds fun to the celebrations. Black can be acquired by mixing all the above colours, with more of Brown, red and green, and less of yellow. Your fun and happiness will know no bounds with an amalgamation of these colors.

With these natural colours, you can now enjoy a carefree and a chemical free Holi.