Did you know which bird is better than humans at multitasking?

Will Pigeons soon eat up our jobs?


We humans are proud of being more advanced than any other species on our planet and we tend to prove it each day! But have you ever thought what it would be like to suddenly realize that birds are better in things we have thought ourselves more capable in? If not, here is the time! Did you know pigeons are better than multitasking than us?

No matter how fast we juggle, putting the bowl to heat inside the oven, texting and catching up with friends and at the same time finishing work for the next day! Pigeons tend to do it much faster than we can! Definitely their ‘work structure’ is different from ours but at the end of the day we have to compete with these beautiful harmless pigeons in terms of efficiency!

Pigeons having higher neural density, researchers in Germany have found out that pigeons are much better than switching between two tasks. Their neurons being six times more densely packed than the humans, enables them to concentrate on tasks much faster and more efficiently than humans. Competing with birds in terms of concentration might not have been the first challenge humans have had to face in the world, but it definitely comes as surprise to many.

Pigeons-have-been-scientifically-tested-to-be-better-at-multi-tasking-than-humans-500x360 (1)
Pigeons have been scientifically tested to be better at multi-tasking than humans


The only benefit point here has to be that pigeons don’t generally involve themselves in the kind of tasks humans do! Imagine a world where we did and pigeons got employed in better jobs, due to their high multitasking capacities? We humans would surely have had to kill them more often to avoid real competition!

The difference in the function of the mammalian cerebral cortex was recently found to be redundant in determining the complex cerebral orientations! This research may actually be path-breaking for humans because we often tend to pride ourselves on the basis of our cognitive multitasking capabilities! As sad as it sounds, now we have to come back to the ground because pigeons are right beside giving us massive inferiority complex!

Honestly, who knew the small brains that pigeons have would make them more capable than human being?! But they do! As in smaller brains, nerve cells are densely packed, the time taken by pigeons to process information is much less than humans! I can totally imagine a few years from now, pigeons working our desk jobs better than we can with the amount of perfect concentration that we can’t imagine! Can you imagine too?!