Did Vietnam Just Get Its Very Own Spider-Man?

The man and his acrobatic skills to avoid traffic!

Did Vietnam Just Get Its Very Own Spider-Man?
Image Credit: Viral Press

How many times has it occurred to you when stuff in heavy traffic that you should just get out of the vehicle and fly your way to your destination instead? Well, many times, we know! A busy Indian city and no traffic on the peak hours are only possible in our dreams, just like our wish of developing wings. Let alone sitting in traffic, have we not reached the brink of our frustration at times, when on a Monday morning we are trying to cross a busy crossing to reach office on foot? However, if you keep cursing your city’s management or your country’s population for this irritating traffic build-up, you need to know that India is not alone. There are many other Asian cities who house citizens who are equally fed-up and frustrated due to the traffic!

A recent viral video shows a Vietnamese citizen, trying to cross the road using overhead power cables because he was perhaps to frustrated to stand and wait for the signals to turn green after the heavy traffic passed by. The incident took place in Hanoi which is the capital of Vietnam. We would say, Man! We totally understand your level of frustration that made you feel as sturdy as Spider-man to have ventured into this task. Don’t we often think of doing things similar, but then we are stopped by our sanity or fear and that is what leaves us being ordinary and petty.

Well, maybe all of us who have dreams of becoming famous should take inspiration from this man and venture into the unusual! The video of his has already received lakhs of views on social media including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Wait, he did not just restrict himself to power cables, because moments later, he was also seen doing his circus tricks over telephone lines. The funniest part of the story is, every other passer-by was totally speaking for him, and they even thought that it was a smart idea to have taken this step. While some were a bit concerned of him getting electrocuted, some others were all praises for his acrobatic skills.

We believe Vietnam has already received their very own Spider-man. However, will this viral video urge the Vietnamese Government to build a footbridge over the busy crossing now? If yes, probably India should take the cue and someone stand up for the daring task of becoming India’s Shaktiman now!