Consent Condom – Here To Emphasize On The Meaning Of “No”

The perfect product to stand for consensual sex!

Consent Condom - Here To Emphasize On The Meaning Of
Image Credit: Instagram Video Screen Grab (Tulipan_Argentina)

Tulipan Argentina has taken this brilliant step of creating a condom with a packaging that can only be opened by 2 consenting people simultaneously, hence the name consent condom!

Well, consent is a word that’s sweeping off every chart now, and with movies, scripts and advertisements that are more or less being active influences on understanding “sexual abuse”, consent has become the keyword in most of our conversations. Back in 2016, when the movie “Pink” came up with ‘no means no’, we watched those brave girls fight, but the same happens in real life too, and if it’s happening to you but your consent isn’t involved, you are being abused.

Consent condoms make it obvious that they have been planned to ease off with the sexual abuses that are happening on a second basis. After the #MeToo movement, sexual abuse has been taken rather in strong light and back in December, a smart dress was also made which clearly showed the result of how many unwanted touches did the woman survive that very day. Interesting, isn’t it?

While Tulipan is being criticized as well because there’s no way the ones who want to perform sexually without a condom would ever buy these, forget about the word “consent”, it is very evident that these condoms are not for show. They have a valid point, which might look very literal, but the sale in Argentina shows a good demographic. Although the condoms do inculcate a healthy message, it has its limitation of being underrated due to the packaging and approach. Everything looks pretty, the exterior packet, the idea, the way it’s being campaigned, but there wouldn’t literally be a person who would like to take one home for the complications.

Tulipan has been way direct in mentioning that sex is a two-way agreement and if there’s no ‘yes’, that means the answer is ‘no’, but can we really trust on people to buy a pack and use it for consent? But a pack that hard to open would attract eyeballs, rather people who do not understand consent wouldn’t bother buying any. Abuse is a broad term, and a condom package might not be able to endanger it. It all comes down to how educated and understanding you are a person.

Well, as for Tulipan, their campaign is showing colors but needs to be promoted well to the mass. If consent condoms take the lead, we the womenfolk can breathe some fresh air.