Coconut Shells Pricier Than Petrol? Amazon Says So!

Don’t ignore those coconut shells lying at the corner of your home!

Coconut Shells Pricier Than Petrol? Amazon Says So!
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The internet is a funny place. It can make or break you overnight. With technological innovations showering upon us, e commerce has taken a drastic turn in the past few years. More and more people are buying things online every day, from groceries to furniture to clothes. Is there anything that you cannot find on the internet? No there isn’t- not even coconut shells. A coconut shell has reportedly taken the internet by a storm and there is no stopping. No it’s not Taimur Khan, and no it’s not rocket science. It is indeed a coconut shell.

Amazon, a popular e commerce platform is selling natural coconut shell cup for an amount of Rs.1365. Unbelievable right? The pictures of the coconut have been circulating social media like wildfire. Before this it was an egg that was doing the rounds. It’s followers easily toppled Kylie Jenner and now there is before you a natural coconut shell to purchase that too for a staggering sum of money. Such bizarre offers on websites naturally seem eccentric to the confused buyers. Now are you thinking of all the coconut shells you surely have thrown out with the trash and the amount of money you possibly could have made if you sold them instead?

Amazon has been consistently disappointing us in fact. Just a few days back fake news of a big amazon sale blasted everyone’s WhatsApp following which Sonakshi Sinha expressed her disgust over social media after having received “a shiny piece of junk” steel) instead of the Bose headphones which she had ordered for an amount of Rs.18,000. We are not sure if she got a full refund but amazon clearly is not giving up. Buyers, you better get your priorities straight. Whatever it is that you need, don’t forget to make a smart investment of 1365 rupees for a coconut shell because it’s 100% natural and if you are lucky enough you might just get what you actually ordered.

This news has shocked quite a few people who don’t know how to respond to such bizarre sales. The seller feels coconut cups are essential as Hawaiian accessories for various tropical theme events. Well, all we can do is warn buyers. As for Amazon we’d say go home amazon, you are drunk.