The Blue Whale Challenge May Be Finally Over

The government, people and the internet comes to the rescue.


After the outrage over the sadist online game Blue Whale Challenge which claimed the first life in India earlier this month, and has been doing rounds in other countries, wrecking havoc on dear lives, its end maybe finally here.

While the Government and ISP are working to remove all online links and information about the Blue Whale Challenge, A happier alternative has emerged in the form of Pink Whale, which encourages youth to choose life over death.

The Pink Whale also known as the Baliea Rosa,  has emerged in Brazil and is an attempt to prove that the internet is merely a tool and can be used to channelize good in society. As the Blue Whale Challenge has highlighted the implications of overpowering social media in life, the Pink Whale is reroute to prove its usefulness.

The Pink Whale Challenge spans over 50 days and sets 50 quests to make your friends happier. While the Blue Whale required cutting the skin, the Pink Whale asks the player to write in marker the name of a person the player loves. Other challenges involve telling the family you love them, unblocking a friend on facebook, and apologizing for a mistake.

The final task is to help a person or animal in need, instead of the suicidal task set by the Blue Whale Challenge.

It is an attempt to keep the circle of goodness flowing, and is a ray of hope in the hostile environment online. The Pink Whale is available for free on Android and iOS devices.

I tried the site but the whale was overwhelmed. Try your luck.