Bachchan To Launch Sanketik Bhasha National Anthem

A mini revolution brews on this Independence Day.


While we all bloat with pride and jingoism on every Independence Day, this year is going to come with a major cause célèbre for one particular section of society. The marginalized section of disabled in our country will have a super star take up their cause.

Amitabh Bachchan is to present the National Anthem in Sanketik Bhasa, aka as sign language, along with handicapped children. The kids could not be more enthused with the initiative.

Chetana Handicapped Institution, from Kolhapur, started the movement to bring the children into the national social consciousness, and they received a boost when mega star agreed to join in. The video will be unveiled by the Prakash Javdekar, the Union Minister for Human Resource Development.

Conceptualised by advertising genius Bobby Pawar, this video touched our hearts. We await the one being released tomorrow to render the National Anthem louder than words can carry.

While there are many tokens usually promised on this day, this move will have some lasting effect for the deaf and dumb children as the song will be played at every function organized for them.

After taking on the Polio campaign and leaving his mark on the debilitating statistics in that field, Amitabh Bachchan has taken on this cause in his stride. And we hope that he repeats the earlier successes. Despite the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2016, our country is a long way from becoming friendly for the disabled.

(Image credits:, flikcr)

Though this is a small step, it is a happy move towards a truly inclusive society, and we hope the National Anthem in sign language is a harbinger of more harmonious times.