Are You A Victim Of Tsundoku

What is Tsundoku, and how to deal with it?


Tsundoku is a Japanese word for the habit of buying books and not reading them. Every time there is a sale in Crosswords or books-by-weight sale you may end up buying boxfuls of books that remain unread. This is a travesty among the book-lovers.

The books pile up on coffee tables, nightstands, and bookshelves, but remain deprived of the pleasure of being read. This is the story of an unfulfilled book. So, if you are a victim of Tsundoku, you will understand the urge to splurge on new books, despite the unread hoard at home.

So, how does one tackle this greed for more, when the rightful read remains deprived?

Gift away

Have you ever noticed how happy a reader will be if you gift them a book? It is an expression of pure joy. So, give away the books of genres and authors you know you will not read. If you are the John Grisham type, hand over the Murakami to the more prosaic and he will owe you for life.

Give away

Charity begins at the bookshelf. You can always donate some books to your old school library or children’s home. This is the best move to invest in the bank of Karma. While many donate old books and clothes, the pleasure of donating the new is rare, and worth the separation.

Get a Kindle

Stop the splurge by reading on Kindle. This is a good way to stop buying books, and working your way through one at a time. Though this can be difficult as the feel of a real book will never be replaced by a soft copy.

So, raise yourself from the state of Tsundoku and get reading.