Are You A Slave To Technology?

Your answer to break free from technology is here


The internet is cool, it allows you to stay in touch with everyone you want to stay in touch with and you can also watch movies, play games and google random things but sometimes you need to disconnect. Are you more on facebook, instagram, snapchat etc. rather than interacting with people around you? Then you are what is called a slave to technology. It’s time for you to step back and take a break from technology. Trust me it’s not that difficult, here are some ways you can break free from technology and live life in real time.

Keep your phone away from your sleep

Keeping your phone out of reach especially at bedtime is a great idea. Keep you phones and other device as far away as you can from your bed, it saves you from getting tempted to check it as soon as you hear a light blink or hear it beep. Also if your phone is next to you when you wake up, it’ll be the first thing you reach out for the first thing you wake up. Best option is to leave your phone in the living room or kitchen at night before you sleep.

Technology Free Hour

Schedule a time everyday as a Tech free time, you can hand over your phone or any other device you own to a friend, partner or neighbour and tell them not to hand it over to you for a designated period of time, depending on what you choose. It could be an hour to begin with. Once you’ve done that, go and do something engaging, like probably enjoy like window shopping, reading a book nice or a nature walk, without ‘instgramming’ about what an awesomely AF place it is. You will be surprised at the good time you can still have without depending on technology.

Have a real conversation

So you’re sitting at a restaurant with a group of friends and you’re texting each other or in office you’re texting a colleague who’s sitting right beside you. It’s time for you to just put down that phone because it’s impersonal. We humans need to interact with each other because human interaction is good. Unless you’re a Robot then you can keep going.

The point is while technology has definitely made our lives much easier, don’t be a slave to it.