Addiction To TV Shows May Alienate You From Your Friends

As you binge watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. see to it that you do not go far from your friends

Addiction To TV Shows May Alienate You From Your Friends
Image Credit: TV Series - F.R.I.E.N.D.S

To begin with television is not more restricted with specific timed programmes. Like everything else our television also got smart! It has evolved from being the ‘idiot box’ and gone onto have provisions for viewing content from external drives, browsing videos and series from Netflix. The bonus comes that unlike unwanted commercial breaks, it gives chance to binge watch. Also, viewing TV is not just restricted to the TV set anymore. Laptops, and mobiles have doubled up for them.

Amidst all, TV shows are subtly responsible for alienating you from your friends. What we do not realise when we are engrossed in watching out favourite movie series is that we are losing on valuable time to catch up with our friends. Life has become fast paced. No one really knows where our friends will be in a month’s time. They may move to another city for a new job. There may be times when you miss them but then, they will be in another city.

I admit that some of the TV series are of such interest that they are hard to stay away from, especially when there are no forced commercial breaks, or the compulsory wait for the nest episode. But as you continue in knowing what happened in the next episode, then the next season, you are distancing yourself a lot.

Ignoring friends can make them drift away sooner than you might think
Ignoring friends can make them drift away sooner than you might think

Image Credit: Movie – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

The problem with friends is you never know when they drift away. It is a fast process, and usually happens with a few staying aloof and negligence. While you may continue to love them and care for them, those have to keep showing. The moment it stops the crack soon becomes a crevasse. It is not the fault of your friends. It is just human nature. Friendship is like a sapling. It needs constant watering from you.

It is important to value friends. I have found my friends by my side during my most difficult times. No matter how irritating some of them might be, these people do come to the rescue when you are really in need. So, make sure that you do not avoid them or stay away from them.

However, I think if you can manage to binge watch with all your friends, that should help in keeping your friends close. That is a distant dream though. We often have different set of friends, and it is not always possible to bring them all together in one place. Also, not everyone maybe interested in watching the same series. Thus, a bit of time management might be helpful in keeping the friendship on good terms.

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