7 Types of people you meet in a women’s toilet

Toilet full of stories


While Akshay Kumar has been preaching about the importance of toilets and hopes to educate people about sanitation in India, via his upcoming film, Toilet, let’s take a look at some of the interesting types of people we often meet in public toilets. The public toilet is an interesting place, full of interesting stories, you might even find an inspiring plot to write the next best seller!! More than the men’s, it’s the women’s washrooms where you will find all the drama and meet all kinds of interesting characters.

1. The Sympathy Seeker

She is the type who is standing behind you with a child in tow, while you wait in the queue, desperately trying to control your bladder. She will make that helpless face and tell you how her toddler needs to use the washroom right away or it will pee right here on the floor and makes that ‘helpless mother’ face again! While you may want to choke her in a basin full of water, you have no option but to let her go first.

2. Miss Hygiene

She is an expert at making disposable toilet seat covers and will use the entire roll of toilet paper to create it (She’s probably watched DIY videos on the skill some several hundred times!!)Then she will use at least 4 to 5 helpings of the free hand wash that’s available, almost like lady Macbeth trying to wash blood off her hands!  Then she will go on to use more than half of the paper towel roll to dry her hands and the other half to hold open the washroom room door. While you cross your legs and wait for the attendant to restock the washroom!

3. The Gossip Queen

If you need real life updates on saas-bahu dramas, public toilets or washrooms are the best places to go to, especially the ones in the malls where you have the frustrated bahu who’s done with her long list of grocery shopping and finally gets some time to chill and gossip either on the phone or with a fellow shopper. It’s like they get a high from publicising their feelings for everyone inside the washroom to hear.

4. Miss Messy

You wouldn’t want to go into the one that this particular kind has just finished using! She is the type who conveniently forgets to clean up the mess after she’s finished her business. Unflushed toilet bowls and water mixed with sprinkles of urine on the floor is her trademark. It makes you want to scream out loud: “Somebody tell her about the ‘Swatch Bharat Abhayan!!”

5. The Queen of Complaints

What could be worse than waiting in never ending queues, while your bladder feels like it’s about to burst any minute? While we agree that the wait seems like eternity, it is this type that makes it even worse by complaining about everything in the washroom! This is the type that complains about the queue, the smell in the bathroom, hygiene etc. As if we already didn’t know!

6. The Compliment Giver

She is the one who will start by complimenting you about your looks and just when you start thinking maybe you should fill up the forms for the next Miss India contest , you realise she’s complimenting everyone who walks into the washroom!!  She’s the one who has all the time in the world or probably on a desperate hunt for a BFF

7. The Selfie Queen

This type is surely in a desperate need of attention or approval, what kind of person would want to take selfies in the washroom of all places otherwise? Maybe it is because they like the lighting there or it is the huge mirrors there that makes them want to do that.





(picture credits: flickr.com, giphy.com, s.hswstatic.com)