6 stunning natural ways to accessorize your living room

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If you’ve been looking around your living room and thinking about how to give it a fresh look, without taking on a full redecoration project, one of the hottest interior trends right now is great news for you! Giving your living room a more organic vibe by accessorizing with natural materials will not only bring it right up to date, but you can also choose the touches you add to match your budget and tastes. Go ahead and express your creativity- here are 6 great ideas to get you started!


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Indoor planting is big news in 2021. Select plants whose leaves have interesting colors and a variety of textures – you’ll instantly add life and interest to your room, as well as calming your spirit.
Use a variety of planters, of different shapes and sizes, and decorate them in whatever style you prefer. Choose a single theme or color scheme, such as Mexican or retro, and paint one or more of them to express your unique personality.


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The easiest way to ensure that your living space feels natural and cozy is to stick to natural fabrics for your accessories. Wools, linens, and thick cottons are all ideal for drapes, cushions, and throws. Use patterns of different sizes and styles to create an organic and informal feel- as if each item has been selected and added over time.


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Stones and crystals not only add interesting visual touches to your scheme but they’re also reputed to bring healing energies and properties which can add to your sense of well-being. From the stunning beauty of milky quartz to the astonishing intricate patterning of crazy lace agate, select your stones to create the vibrations you want from specialist sites such as Crystal Viden and others.


Create interest by incorporating beautiful rocks in a range of stunning natural colors. To create fascinating surfaces, go vertical! Walls made with gabion baskets are eye-catching and sturdy. In a range of thicknesses, they can be installed in straight lines, or used to create supports for bookcases and shelves. They make fascinating and contemporary room dividers.


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You may be thinking that wood could create an old-fashioned look, but nothing could be further from the truth! Scour yard sales for discarded wooden chairs, tables, and bookcases that you can pick up for virtually nothing, to re-purpose and upcycle. Then, show them some love! Sand down and re-varnish, to reveal the natural beauty of the grain. Or use chalky paints in soft pastels to create a shabby chic look at virtually zero cost! If you’re not confident about how to do this, there are hundreds of ‘how to’ guides on the net and videos on YouTube to help you get started.


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A final way to bring in a natural touch is to use natural rope creatively – as a handrail for your staircase, perhaps, or with natural hanging baskets and wall ornaments. Whether you leave it in its natural color or dye it to match your color scheme, it brings softness and interest which few other materials can match.
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