5 Clever Ways To Leave Whatsapp Groups

If you are feeling stuck, here are some clever and graceful ways to leave WhatsApp groups


From family to work to college friends to school friends to travel friends, there are umpteen WhatsApp group formed, and you are added by the Admin without your permission. If it is a group that you like or that is useful, it is fine. But often you may be stuck in groups that are flood with Good Morning, Good Night, celebratory and health tip forwards. You can turn the group on mute, but it is still frustrating, especially if useful message are buried deeper due to these forwards and mundane greetings.

If you want to come out of this viscious cycle, here are 5 clever ways to exit groups safely.

1.Drunken mistake

Exit a group in late evening, and tell your friends the next day that it was a drunken mistake. Unless they persist in adding you again, you will be out safely. But this technique may not work if your friends fail to get the message that you want out.

2.Ex’s presence

If your ex-partner is present in the group, this is an easy excuse to gracefully exit the group. Everyone will understand and you will be saved a lot of space.

3.Technical error

Exit a group and tell your friend in personal chat that it was a technical error with your phone. Nobody will dig deeper if you say with conviction that you changed phones and somehow, some groups were not restored.


If a group has been inactive for too long, you can safely exit without drawing too much attention. Chances are no one will even notice if there has been no other alert on that day.

5.Blame the forward maniacs

Leave the group by dropping a message that you are busy and are leaving as it is impolite not to reply on group chats. Everyone else will know you are hinting at the forwards maniacs who bombard the group with lame jokes, weird facts and what not. It is possible that there are others who also want out, and you pioneer an exit movement.

WhatsApp helps us to stay in touch with friends and family easily. But it can also get intrusive with unnecessary groups. Use these clever ways to save yourself from irrelevant pings.

(Image credits- pixabay, teller.com, giphy)