3 Life Lessons From Ranveer Singh’s Dressing Sense

Ranveer Singh’s outfits are more than just crazy and weird.

3 Life Lessons From Ranveer Singh's Dressing Sense
Image Credit: Twitter

If you are in touch with the internet in any way, you are aware of Ranveer Singh’s “hard to ignore” dressing sense. Ranveer Singh’s dressing sense doesn’t make any sense. That’s what it is- absolutely bizarre. Irrespective of our judgment, the truth is that he is almost always in the lime light for his bold fashion choices and red carpet looks. And being in the lime light is always a good sign, right? In fact, even his most recent appearance in the India Pakistan world cup match got everybody talking about his outfit and his demeanor. But what if I tell you there is more to his dressing that all the attention it gets!

Embrace The Real You

Be yourself, no matter what!
Be yourself, no matter what!

Image Credit: twitter.com

You may call him mad or crazy or overenthusiastic but he is what he is, unapologetically and unabashedly. He is not ashamed of being himself in front of the world. In fact, he is quite confident and proud. His choice of clothes and experiments with his hair and how he carries them are all endless examples of how he doesn’t care what the world says about him. He is far from pretence and likes to embrace his madness and do whatever he feels like doing. Not everyone can do that! Kudos to him for pulling it off like a boss and dropping a lesson for us in the process!

Do Not Take Yourself Too Seriously

Ranveer Singh is someone who has the guts to take a joke and laugh on himself. When the entire world makes jokes and memes out of his outfits, he laughs along with the world. It neither discourages him to experiment further nor makes him angry. He believes in himself and his choices but at the same time he doesn’t take himself too seriously. This particularly keeps him from becoming too proud or arrogant.

Get Some Dressing Sense Already!

What you wear says a lot about you!
What you wear says a lot about you!

Image Credit: @ranveersingh on Instagram

Okay then, the most important life lesson from Ranveer Singh’s dressing sense is to get one! Yeah I mean, no kidding. All jokes aside. All “being myself” aside. All “IDGAFs” aside. What and why does he wear those outfits? Irrespective of his mind-blowing confidence, most of the times his outfits do not even look good. They get the attention, yes. People notice him, yes. But he DOES NOT look good in them. It is a fact. So, please knock some dressing sense into yourself because not all of us have the luxury of being all “Ranveer Singh” about it.

I hope these lessons help! And if you love Ranveer Singh’s outfits, here’s another lesson for you- DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.