3 Lessons The Older Generation Can Learn From Millennial

“The fountain of youth lies in your mind”


The current generation may have a lot to learn from the older generation but a reverse nurturing and role reversal of sorts also makes complete sense. Here are a few

Learn to take risks

Millennial are more open to the idea of failing, that’s probably because they have their parents support to thank. Parents of Millennial had to work harder than the Millennial to give them a better life. In other words they are the entitled generation. Now that you’ve done your job, learn to take risks in life, explore the unexplored. After all you only live once or YOLO as the current gen calls it.

Give back to society

Millennial are more open to helping others to make the world a better place. From teaching in rural school on weekends to giving a few bucks on crowdfunding platforms, millennial are helping build a better today and tomorrow. They are donating their time + money to causes that are close to their heart. It’s not like the older generation did not do that but there were very few of them. More and more millennials are involved in charity work besides doing their own jobs, they make time for the social causes.

Make technology your friend

Our world today is run by technology, even though technology has it’s disadvantages, if used correctly, it makes your life a lot easier. The sooner you accept it and learn to use it the better for you. Be it keeping in touch with your kids, grandkids, friends and other family across the world, you can connect with them just by a touch of a finger! Even cleaning the house has become easier because of technology.

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If you learn to move with the times, life can be easy and beautiful.