3 best gadgets to gift the hip and happening senior members of your family

Ways to keep you loved senior member young


Socializing, physical and mental activities are the 3 most important secrets for keeping our seniors forever young. Mastering the latest technology for these young at heart is no big deal. Amitabh Bachchan at 74, is more tech savvy than people much younger than him  The latest gadgets and new technologies come very handy when it comes to improving the quality of life, for our older family members . While there are many gadgets one can gift them, we have picked up the best 3:

1.Friendly Mobile Phones

Many of the senior citizens struggle to use the mobile phones. The standard phones available have complex user interfaces, small font sizes and have short battery life. Many companies in India have launched phones keeping in mind the elderly. Consider buying them one that they can use easily like the Mitashi Play Senior Friend AP 103, which is one of the first smart phones designed especially for them. It also comes with an SOS button for emergencies and colour coded icons besides a large font dialer. The Reconnect 1802  is another phone to consider as it has a keypad almost twice the size of its display. True to its name the iBall Aasaan is a really asaan( easy) phone to use. The texts and icons that appear on the display are bigger than usual and this one too comes with an SOS button along with a side key for the LED torch. Most of these phones come in the  2K to 4K price range.

2.A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Maid problems are one of the biggest problems all of us face, especially in the metro cities. They are not only expensive but also play hard to get.  The Robot Cleaner is a perfect gift for such problems and it also helps them to be self reliant . The best part is, the ones available, like the Milagrow Red Hawk Robotic Cleaner or the I Robot Roomba 900, are not just lightweight but a smart device and also come at an affordable price. There are even ones like the Bopsweep Robot Vaccum Cleaner  that not only mops and sweeps but is specially designed to remove pet hair too. All you need to do is set it up and it rolls around the house, cleaning the floors better than your Gangu bai.

3.Video games

People over 50 get as much a kick out of playing video games as any young person; they are as much fun for them as any teenager too. That’s not all, the problem solving skills required while play a video game, keeps their minds active and also help stop cognitive decline. Games like the Nintendo Wii Tennis, Bowling, and other sport games keep them active without putting them at risk of injuring themselves.  That’s probably the reason why some senior citizen homes around the world have introduced gaming nights. If nothing else, it makes them feel young and rejuvenated and it’s also a nice way for them to bond with the younger members in the family.

Let them stay forever young.

Image Credits: abako.rs, giphy.com