You’ll Be Surprised To Know What Kajol’s Most Favourite Book Is


When it comes to reading books, nobody can beat Kajol. Besides being one of the most talented actors, she is one of the most well-read too. Those who are not really fond of reading can perhaps draw inspiration from Kajol! However, she says that no one should ask her to cook though coz she cannot cook to save her life!

In a fun conversation with Hot Friday Talks Kajol reveals how her daughter Nysa is a much better cook than her and can even make Sushi like an expert! Kajol is perhaps one of the coolest moms and she believes that we need to have faith in our children in today’s age. “No matter how much you try there is no way you can keep a check on them, You have to have faith and give them right values,” she adds.

Kajol and daughter Nysa are bookworms while the two boys in the family are not

She even tells us how her own mother has played a huge part in making her the kind of mom she is today. “My mother is the most forward-thinking woman,” says Kajol. But she said unlike kids today, she never back answered her mother when she was a teen. She said, “I was scared of her and I had no guts to answer back to her.” Kajol gets her love for reading from her mother Tanuja.

We talk about books and Kajol’s face lights up with delight. When I ask her to choose her top five, she says that it’s very tough to do that since there are so many she likes.

She says that she hates the “How To” books, except for the crochet or knitting ones. “Having said that, there are also lots of things that I read in books which make a lot of sense and are motivating. But no book can give you tips about how to live your life etc,” adds Kajol.

Kajol apparently has three rooms in her house that have been turned into libraries! In fact, when Ajay Devgn asked her to marry him she told him that she would only marry him if he built her a library like the one owned by the Beast in ‘Beauty And The Beast’. She also tells us that Nysa is also a huge bookworm like her, unlike her son Yug.

Out of f all the books Amar Chitra Katha is what Kajol likes best!

Kajol’s top 5 favorite books are:
1.Chanakya’s Chant
3.Axe Series
4.Ashok Banker’s Books especially The Prince Of Exile
5. But her most favorite one is the timeless Amar Chitra Katha!

It would be interesting to see Kajol pen her own book someday like Twinkle Khanna, what do you think?