Where Are The Infinity Stones? Watch out Black Widow and Captain Marvel’s Hands!

Have the Avengers got back those stones from Thanos?

Where Are The Infinity Stones? Watch out Black Widow and Captain Marvel’s Hands!
Image Credit: Twitter.com

There are fans, and then here are worshippers. The devotees of the Avengers: Endgame belong to the category of the latter. There has been a lot of excitement and hue and cry about the release of Avengers: Endgame and the fans obviously cannot keep calm. If you are also an Avengers enthusiast like me; you already have your tickets booked! Don’t you?

Fans from all across the world are waiting with bated breath to catch the first-day first show of the movie, and from the glimpses of the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles seems to have piqued their interest all the more.

Netizens from all across the world will always keep an eye out for any piece of news about the upcoming movie and what they saw at the premier must have made them skip a few hundred heartbeats. Stars graced the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, and while the excited fans gushed with praise and could not control their excitement, what took their breath away was something else.

Can you see those stones being flaunted by our Captain Marvel?

Brie Larson, aka Captain Marvel graced the purple carpet in her resplendent purple gown, but it was not just that which caught the attention of the fans. It was her Infinity stone inspired accessories which had the fans drop their jaw.

The arrival of Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow in her gorgeous sequin strapless dress added to our curiosity all the more not because she had her boyfriend Colin Jost as her date, but even Scarlett was seen sporting the similar accessories as Brie Larson.

Our Black Widow’s jewellery was a bit different. While it also had all the infinity stones, the bracelet had two sleek chains that connected 2 stones from her fingers with the soul stone on the upper side of her palm! Scarlett, however, sported five stones, and the sixth was of course up there on our Captain Marvel’s wrist

We loved how the two amazing stars came wearing the awe-inspiring jewelry and the fans have fallen in a state of constant enthusiasm now that they have seen the stars wearing all the Infinity Stones.

Marvel fans from all across the globe are way too excited and seem to have fallen in love with the pieces of jewelry. They are coming up with myriad responses and reactions online and are obviously overwhelmed with the release of the movie just around the corner. The fans may have different conjectures to come up with. Could this mean that the Avengers have managed to retrieve all the Infinity Stones from Thanos? Or does it imply that the Avengers who had been wiped off along with half the world’s population by Thanos is going to be restored to life? The anticipation is enhancing by the day, and the fans cannot keep calm any longer. But it is worth the wait after all for it adds to the suspense.

So, if you are an Avengers fan like millions of people out there, do make sure that you too have your Infinity Stone jewelry ready to flaunt as you watch the action on 26th of April. And of course, if you are from India, the innumerable stones prescribed by your astrologer to cure you of any illnesses (mental or physical) should also suffice!