Varun Dhawan Tells Us Why Abhishek Verman Called Him An Arrogant Chu….(Beep!)

He also tells Hot Friday Talks about how he manages to stay humble and grounded


His next big release, Kalank, is all set to hit the theaters very soon, but Varun Dhawan, is as cool as a cucumber! At just 31, he’s achieved so much in life, but unlike so many stars I know, Varun hasn’t changed one bit as a person. He remains the same humble, friendly and warm person he is.

What or who keeps Varun so humble? Read on to know more

Speaking about working in Kalank

It has been a tough role to play more so because this character carries a lot of baggage, both physically and emotionally. Like even when I am smiling or laughing in a scene, I was not allowed to show my teeth. My director Abhishek would say, “You can’t show your teeth,” and I would ask him how that was possible. I would look arrogant if I did that and Abhishek was like, “Ya that’s what I want you to look like, an arrogant chu….(Beep!)” I was not tired as such because I was too driven doing this film. I knew the challenge coming up. I wanted to go to an extreme and try everything as I had no regrets that I didn’t. I was very charged about this film.

Varun's staff keep him in check!
Varun’s staff keep him in check!

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About Kalank releasing same day as Avengers End Game

The film will only run if it is liked. It is what it is, people can hope they get five weeks open but that’s not possible in today’s day and age. If the films are liked then they will go and watch it. We have nine days before the release of Avengers, by them people will make up their mind whether they like the film and want to go and see it again. I think a film should run only if it’s liked.

His favorite character in Kalank

My favorite character in Kalank is Roop, because Zafar loves Roop. She’s amazing. His whole mission is Roop! In fact there is a line also in the film that says, “Roop ki mohabbat mera haq hai aur main yeh haq le kar hi rahunga.”

Varun as Zafar in Kalank

Speaking about similarities with his character Zafar

There is one similarity between my character Zafar and me and that is, sometimes if I think that something is correct, I go against society or even people for that matter. You don’t have to always be politically correct.

It makes a huge difference and becomes easier when you have talented, good actors, that are trustworthy, working in this field. It makes it all the more interesting.

Talking about shooting for ABCD 2

I would not be able to do this kind of film as I grow older. I have so many injuries while shooting for this film. I tore my hamstring, I hurt my shoulder, I got a partial tear on my thumb. The first two days after we started dancing, we just sat down, wondering what is happening. Then we had to dance in front of Prabhudeva!

Varun says its important to stay in touch with your fans
Varun says its important to stay in touch with your fans

Image Credit: Instagram

On the importance of staying connected with fans

Regardless of what anyone says, I think it is important to stay in touch with your fans. The era of internet and social media is what I was born into. Children had mobile phones when I was in school. It’s very difficult to escape it even though there might be people who do that. For me, it’s more like a friendship between me and my fans.

The secret to how Varun manages to stay so humble even after all the fame?

I think that is because I am surrounded by good people. The team that I have is very similar to me. My PR has been with me for long and they are quite blunt when they need to be about things. Actually, everyone shouts at me, everyone including my driver! I think that’s what keeps me in check.

On awards and award functions

I still get a message a day for October and that’s my royalty of collecting on that film. The criteria of awards have a lot of things. I am very happy to go and perform at the awards and get paid for that. Having said that, the awards will come once a year but films live forever. So yes, October will live on forever, award or no award.

Not just October, looks like Zafar is going to live very long in the memories of his fans and loved ones!