Tumhari Sulu Interview: “Sulu’s “Main kar sakti hai!” attitude is what I would love to imbibe” – Vidya Balan

The one thing Sulu and Vidya have in common is the pagalpan!


Recently one of the industry’s most talented actor, Shabana Azmi had stated that if Arth was to ever be made again, Vidya Balan would be the right person to cast for the role she played in the critically acclaimed film years back. Coming from someone like Shabana, that was a huge compliment. But Vidya Balan rightly deserves such compliments! She is one of the finest actors in Indian cinema. She has proved that time and again with each of the roles, she’s played in her films like Parineeta, Kahaani, The Dirty Picture, Ishqiya to name a few. From serious roles to the chirpy woman next door, she makes acting seem like a breeze!

As she greets us with that broad, happy and infectious smile of hers, we look forward to the conversation with this brilliant actress.Vidya speaks to HFT about her upcoming film, Tumhari Sulu and more.

On her role as Sulu in Tumhari Sulu, she says that she felt very happy to be a part of a happy film finally where she could smile and laugh just like her real self, after doing all the emotionally draining roles in her earlier films. “ I am a happy person in my personal life too, I smile a lot and laugh all the time! People might call Tumhari Sulu a slice of life film but for me, it’s just a happy film!” she laughs.

What she found interesting about the role was the fact that there could actually be a housewife or homemaker (as she likes to term it), behind the sexy, sensuous voice we hear on the radio sometimes. “ You will never imagine that there could actually be a homemaker sitting behind the mic and saying ’hello’ in that sultry tone!” she exclaims. What she also loved about her character is the fact that she never says no to any experience and is a go-getter.

Speaking about the role of a homemaker in real life she says, “ When a woman doesn’t make money when she sits at home, there is no value and that’s the truth.” She also shared a lesson from her childhood which she says she will never forget; “ When I was in the fourth standard, my class teacher had told us that we should always thank our mothers after a meal because no one appreciates mothers and no one appreciates people who stay at home. That is something I always remembered and I followed religiously, I would thank my mom every day and even say sorry to her.”

Ask her about how different Sulu is from Janhavi from Lage Raho Munnabhai, where she plays an RJ too, she laughs and says; “ Sulu is a raat ki rani while Janhavi did morning shows as an RJ. The two of them are completely different, from the way they talk to their energy levels, they are very different from each other.”

Vidya who’s mostly carried all the films single-handedly on her shoulders says that while it’s great that our industry is moving towards content-driven films, it’s is a bonus if you can get great content along with a star-driven film. She is also happy that the industry is becoming more professional.

On being asked about one trait of Sulu that she would like to imbibe in life, Vidya says, that even though the madness or pagalpan is the one trait they both have in common, it’s Sulu’s “Main kar sakti hai!” attitude that she would love to imbibe.

We know you can do everything too Vidya! Here’s wishing this gorgeous woman who wears equally gorgeous saris; All The Best! For Tumhari Sulu.