SRK Vs David Beckham: Who’s Instagram’s Best Dad?

Can you decide who’s the cutest dad among these two?


We are talking about two legends here, one who is known as the King of romance while the other is known to be a Football legend. One thing that’s common between these two is that both are amazing dads to three amazing children.

In case you have noticed both of them are active Instagrammers and have posted lots of pictures with their children. What’s brilliant is that these cool dads know to caption these pictures even better. I bet if I asked you to pick who’s better at these ‘dad duties’, you’d be confuse

Here’s looking at who’s acing their game on Instagram:

1. The ‘Proud Dad’ Pictures

Talk about posting pictures showing off their kids’ achievements, Shah Rukh Khan and David Beckham, both are pretty good at it. They know how to let their kids steal their thunders.

2. Coolest Vacation With Dad

Shah Rukh Khan and David Beckham, both can be seen as Dads who spend a lot of quality time with their kids. Shah Rukh makes sure to take his little one, AbRam for all the IPL matches and also during his film shoots which is quite cool. Beckham, on the other hand, is often seen attending some of the biggest sporting events in the company of his kids.

3. Like Fathers, Like Sons

It’s amazing when we see Aryan Khan look like a spitting image of his father, Shah Rukh and it’s even better when they come together for a picture. They share the same inherent style and we totally love it. Brooklyn Beckham too is becoming a sensation just like his dad and when the duo decides to do some twinning like this picture, it is simply adorable.

4. The Cute Hand Holding

There’s nothing more secure than holding your dad’s hand and stepping out in the big bad world. Shah Rukh Khan definitely knows the warmth that the hand holding brings. Beckham captions a cute image with his little one as “Everyone needs a little love and comfort in the mornings.”