Sonakshi Sinha Talks About Insecurities Of Being A Part Of An Ensemble Cast, In Films Like Kalank

She also has her own style of saying “Khamosh!” to all the criticism that comes her way


Sonakshi Sinha’s excitement is evident from the way she talks about her forthcoming film, Kalank. Speaking to Hot Friday Talks, Sonakshi shares her excitement and says,“A character like this has come to me after a very long time, probably after Lootera. I was so happy to be a part of this film, the world that Abhishek has created, the story that it is, the fine actors. The entire experience is surreal.”

She tell us that when Abhishek narrated the story to her, the story blew her mind and she said yes to it immediately. “I was mind blown! There were no two ways about it. The kind of story that it is, a tale about eternal love, it was just beautiful. What drew me to it mainly, was my character, it was strong, resilient, sacrificing, loving, caring, nurturing person. What is also special is that every character has a contribution in taking the story forward,” informs Sonakshi.

Sonakshi Sinha has been a part of many multi-starrer films

Sonakshi, has been a part of multi starrer films like Happy Bhaag Jayegi, the Dabangg sequels, etc. and now Kalank, which has some of the biggest names of Bollywood, while most would be insecure about being a part of such an ensemble cast, Sonakshi says that she has no such insecurities. “If everybody had insecurities about working in or being a part of an ensemble cast or the duration of their screen space, then there would be no multi starrer films. If George Clooney complained about Brad Pitt getting more screen space, then films like Oceans 11 or Oceans 12 would never be made. Like I said, the very fact that every character has a part to play in taking the story forward, that is all that one should be bothered about. Multi – starrers are coming back after a long time, it’s all about the role and what you make of it as an actor and how much you contribute to the role. This film has etched out every role so well.”

Sonakshi has worked with Sanjay Dutt earlier in Son Of Sardaar, but this is the first time that she is sharing screen space with madhuri Dixit. Speaking about the same she says, “She’s the kind of actor that everyone has been in awe of. As an actor, she is so graceful, genuine and I am so happy to have got the same film as Madhuri Dixit and that is one tick off my bucket list!” Madhuri’s persona and her dedication to work, is what Sonakshi hopes she too can continue to be like Madhuri in that way.”

Sonakshi Sinha does not regret doing any of the films she has worked in
Sonakshi Sinha does not regret doing any of the films she has worked in

There are times when her films like Akira, where she has given a great performance, have not worked at the box office. When something like that happens, then Sonakshi says that she does feel bad that the film did not work at the box office. “I don’t however stress about it too much, as these things are not in my control.By then one has already moved onto the next film and you’re putting your energy, time and effort into the next film! Every film that I have done, I don’t regret regardless of whether it did well at the box office or not, because there is so much that I have learnt from those films. The experience for me is more important,” says Sonakshi.

Sonakshi has been a part of all the Dabangg sequeks

Despite being a part of some good films, and giving good performances, there have been times when Sonakshi has been criticised by the critics, but Sonakshi just says “Khamosh!” in true Shatrughan style and moves on! Jokes apart, Sonakshi tells us exactly how she handles all the criticism, “It does not affect me at all. That is one person’s opinion of me. Everyone has their own opinions. I would rather concentrate on the positives than the negatives.”

Isn’t she totally Dabangg?