What is the Secret Behind Manish Paul’s Success?

He’s called the Sultan of Stage and the highest paid host in India


It’s funny man, Manish Paul’s birthday and he turns 38 today. He’s come a long way from being a VJ to being called the Sultan of Stage and also being one of the highest paid hosts in India, and why not? He’s very good at what he does. Many people, including me, enjoy watching his antics on stage more than the acts by the stars, during award functions.  So what is it that makes him so funny, without sounding mean, slapstick or vicious? In a quick conversation with HFT, he reveals the secret:

HFT: All of us want to know how you can be so funny, without sounding mean or vicious?

MANISH: Well humour is the essence and the most important part of life; I find situations funny, not people, so till the time two people can laugh on a situation, it can never be mean and vicious.

HFT: Your jokes never sound lame or repeated. They are always very funny and fresh. How do you manage that?

MANISH: Like I said, my moments on shows are not written or rehearsed , they are natural and very organic , again my humour is just a part of my conversation with people, so it is different people I’m talking to, so it has to be fresh.

HFT: Were you always like this? Have you always had that funny bone since you were a kid?

MANISH: Yeah right from school when there was a goof up on stage or the audience had to be kept upbeat, I was just thrown on stage to do something, I guess that was a good training.

HFT: Did you always plan or aspire to do this, or did you have any other career in mind?

MANISH: No , I have done many things , from being a VJ to an RJ then , a Host , as I’ve got maximum satisfaction doing this , yes but I had no idea I’ll once be called the Sultan Of Stage.

HFT: What tips would you like to give to youngsters who would like to work in a creative environment where there is little structure or hierarchy?

MANISH: Keep your eyes and ears open, absorb from your surroundings. Keep upgrading yourself constantly. Be absolutely convinced about what you are doing.

HFT: What kind of apps do you use to stay productive?

MANISH: It’s an era of social media, so besides Instagram , Facebook and WhatsApp, I really do not get time to use any other apps.

HFT: What would be your best birthday gift? How do you plan to celebrate your birthday?

MANISH: I love gifts and all the gifts I get from my family, I love. Yes, I will be having a sundown with some close friends to celebrate my birthday.

A sundown sounds like a great idea! Here’s wishing Manish a very Happy Birthday from all of us at HFT.