Sanya Malhotra’s Dance Moves that Get Fans Going Crazy

Looks like Bollywood’s got a rare talent in the multi-talented Sanya!

Sanya Malhotra's Dance Moves that Get Fans Going Crazy
Image Credit: Instagram (Sanya Malhotra)

Who’s the new Instagram sensation in town? Well, it’s none other than Sanya Malhotra. If you ever happen to open her account on Instagram, you’ll find her dancing to several songs, and God they are mind-blowing! This young dancer is currently uploading a lot of short covers on her Instagram, where she is mostly collaborating with Shazeb Sheikh, who is her choreographer too.

Sanya’s cover of ‘Dil Dooba’ has gained 1 million views on Instagram, with more than two thousand comments which mostly compliment her dancing skills. What’s more? The setting is simple, her dressing is very crisp yet not too much, but her talent seems to be blooming. The more we watch it, the more it grows on us. As a matter of fact, her ways of attracting her views is quite praiseworthy.

Her recent dance on ‘Lamberghini’ has been one of her best covers till date. There we see a bubbly Sanya enjoying to the fullest while applying those amazing moves to the music.

Sanya’s best moves definitely include hand movements the most. She’s also good with her footwork, and that we witness in her #DLitesChallenge video where she tap dances in her sneakers is kind of Wow! What a cool way to transform tap dancing!

Last year we had seen an endearing video of her cover of ‘Dilbar’ and her body rolls are just everything! For a dancer, swiftness is very important, and Sanya has just the right amount of it.

Her short cover of ‘Jaani Tera Naa’ has left the audience wanting for more. While some asked her to open her own dance league, others wished that she would play the lead in the next ABCD sequel. Hello, Remo D’Souza, we are rooting on you!

Even if you don’t follow dancers, you must definitely check out her cover of ‘Work’ by Rihanna. Sanya outdid herself with that one, where we also see her “Dangal” co-star Fatima Sana Sheikh shake a leg with her. Sanya’s moves had us swooning!

To pinpoint one dance move would be an injustice to her hard work, so we could just say that all her dance moves are so to the point, and compact. One of Sanya’s best qualities as a dancer is definitely her flow and timing. She isn’t here to just pass the time, and her hard work defines that. With every video, Sanya seems to be improving. Though we are no critic, but we love what we see. Way to go, Sanya!