Most Unforgettable Dialogues Of Shah Rukh Khan From Recent Movies

King Khan never misses to touch at the weak points of our hearts!

Most Unforgettable Dialogues Of Shah Rukh Khan From Recent Movies
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Shah Rukh Khan has been known to be the king of Bollywood for years now and no matter how many younger generation actors have arrived inside Bollywood, King Khan has been and always will be known as the Badshah of Bollywood for being a powerhouse of talents. He has also been given the title of King of Romance for his brilliant acting skills!

As the Badshah turned 53 today(2nd November 2018) here is a list of recent dialogues that Shah Rukh Khan brought to the screen for his audience and we cannot stop obsessing over them.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Everlasting Dialogue From Om Shanti Om

Image Credit: Movie – Om Shanti Om

The dialogue of dreams, where Shah Rukh Khan says that if you wish something truly and dearly with utmost honesty, the whole Universe helps you and directs it towards you! Is what makes him the king of romance.

Words Of Advice From King Khan In The Film Dear Zindagi

Image Credit: Movie – Dear Zindagi

This Gauri Shinde film had Shah Rukh saying that sometimes in life we tend to choose the more complicated path to achieve something only because we think to achieve great things we have to cross difficult hurdles! This dialogue makes us ponder and think like never before.

A Dialogue Of Confidence From Dilwale

Image Credit: Movie – Dilwale

In this multi-starrer film, Shah Rukh Khan says that he feels disappointed with the people around him because they act so evil when he himself decided to change for good! This film showed us a different side of King Khan and his panache of dialogue delivery!

The Popular ‘Every Work Is Equal’ Dialogue From Raes

Image Credit: Movie – Raees

Calling his identity to be his business, his role in Raees was an Indian Robin Hood version and no one other than Shah Rukh Khan could have pulled off the role better than that! This dialogue shows his idea of fairness through the character and we were floored!

Jab Tak Hai Jaan Dialogue Of Trying To Remember The Little And Big Things In Life

Image Credit: Movie – Jab Tak Hain Jaan

This dialogue is his reminiscing about his memory and this is where he says that memories conspire with us, individuals because sometimes e remember the things we want to forget while at other times we cannot remember a simple thing we didn’t intend to forget. King Khan, we hear you!

The Emotional Truth In My Name Is Khan

Image Credit: Movie – My Name Is Khan

This film had many dialogues which were sentimental but one dialogue that stood out had the Badshah saying that with every innocent man victimised, the whole of humanity suffers! This is a resonating dialogue which still rings in our ears. Doesn’t it?

Chennai Express And The Power Of A Common Man!

Image Credit: Movie – Chennai Express

Chennai Express had the Badshah saying funny dialogues with impeccable comic timings. One such was how he asks Deepika to not underestimate the power of a common man. It holds true not only in the film but even in different other aspects of life and we couldn’t stop ourselves from agreeing!

Fan And His Belief In Connections!

Image Credit: Movie – Fan

This film with Shah Rukh Khan playing double character roles, had him saying that connections created cannot always be explained scientifically! They sometimes happen within seconds and the reason for it can hardly be detected! Though not said in a particularly romantic context, it can be readily applied to all walks of life!

Hence Badshah remains our very own superhero and that doesn’t seem to have changed even after having Shah Rukh Khan in the industry for all these years!