Kangana Ranaut Is Back On Her ‘Attack Alia’ Spree, And This Is What Alia Bhatt Has To Say

Alia Bhatt tells Hot Friday Talks exactly what she feels about such negativity

Kangana Ranaut Is Back On Her 'Attack Alia' Spree, And This Is What Alia Bhatt Has To Say
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Kangana Ranaut is back to being Kangana Ranut once again! Kangana is so used to creating controversies, so much so that people including the media have started taking it for granted now! The minute they hear about some new controversy or statement she made, the reaction is always: ‘Ab kya hua Kangana ko?”

This time she’s gone a step meaner by verbally attacking Alia Bhatt, by saying that Alia’s performance in Gully Boy is mediocre, while the whole world has loved it and is raving about Alia’s role and performance in the film .

According to a poll run by an Entertainment website where fans were asked to vote for the best performance by a female actor, Kangana was declared the winner as she won over Alia by only two votes. This seems to have encouraged the tongue in cheek actor to go ahead and declare the performance of another fellow actor as mediocre. She even said that the bar will never be raised if the media does not stop pampering such mediocre work!

Alia on the other hand is busy with the promotion of perhaps the biggest film in her career. All her attention is on the film, and the release of the film right now. She’s also on a roll with back to back films that she’s doing. Probably that and also all the praise that Alia has got for her performance in Gully Boy, both from the audience, and film critics alike, hasn’t gone down well with Kangana since her much hyped film, Manikarnika did not get as good reviews or was not appreciated as much as expected.

Kangana had earlier blamed Alia, Deepika Padukone and other stars for skipping the screening of her films, while she made it a point to attend theirs. That’s not all, she even accused them of being irresponsible and not voicing their opinions on political and social issues. Funnily Kangana also calls them the Napo gang!

Zyada Bak Bak Kiya To Dhoptuingi!Image Credit: Movie – Gully Boy

While Alia was gracious enough to apologise, looks like Kangana has not yet accepted the apology. At a recent interview, on being questioned about this whole Kangana ‘hungama’, Alia had a perfect answer to it. Speaking to Hot Friday Talks, Alia said, “In life, I feel that if you are able to accept people talking about you positively, I should be able to accept them talking negatively about me as well. I really believe in ‘Live and Let Live’. I live my life and let others live their lives as well. Other people may not have that same thinking, but I do. There are bigger problems in life, things like global warming, let’s talk about that. I say chill! It’s all good!”

Kya ‘dhopti’ Alia! Is all we can say!