It Is Kaho Na Controversy Hain For Hrithik Roshan Now!

Hrithik in a soup? Who comes to his rescue?

It Is Kaho Na Controversy Hain For Hrithik Roshan Now!
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Hrithik Roshan seems to be Bollywood’s poster child for controversy as the 44-year-old somehow manages to land his name into one after another infamous incident. First, it was his alleged extramarital affair with Barbara Mori, followed up by his divorce, then the whole mess surrounding his and Kangana Ranaut’s affair that ironically became the center of top news channel debates for many days in succession. But after all that chaos subsided, Hrithik’s image seemed to recover a little bit with the only news surrounding his name being his upcoming projects.

Disha Patani recently rubbished all rumors related to Hrithik's bad behaviour with her
Disha Patani recently rubbished all rumors related to Hrithik’s bad behaviour with her

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However, Hrithik Roshan is again in the media spotlight, and not for causes too noble. By the looks of it, it would be safe to say that even though Hrithik can afford almost everything under the sky with his huge fortune, he cannot afford long-term peace in his career at this time, not one but two controversies are being seen dragging his name into the dirt again. The first controversy came with the flying rumors that Hrithik had flirted with the 25-year-old actress Disha Patani, causing her to walk out of a project with him. The second one is a serious allegation made by R Muralidharan, a Chennai-based stockist, according to whom Roshan, along with eight others has duped him of INR 21 Lakh. Muralidharan, who was hired by a Gurgaon based company to sell products of Hrithik’s brand HRX told news outlets that he conspired with the other accused and duped Muralidharan, refusing to pay a part of the HRX products’ stock that was sent back to the company.

Both allegations made against the Bollywood hero are grave enough to land him legal punishment as well as moral condemnation. But thankfully for him, the former allegation has been now cleared up by the woman in focus, actress Disha Patani, who in a manner uncharacteristic of hers, went ahead rubbishing the reports of any misbehavior on part of Hrithik towards her. As per reports, she clarified that in the very limited encounter she has had with the actor, she has claimed that he is the most “dignified” person and that she has not walked out of any project due to any fault of his. However, the latter accusation remains very much intact as the Kodungaiyur police have filed a case under the section 420 based on the complaint of the stockist against Roshan and the rest of the accused.

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However, Hrithik who is now shooting for his upcoming movie Super 30 with Vikas Bahl, is yet to acknowledge anything about these allegations.