“We Indian women are curvy and voluptuous and that’s the beauty of it” – Bhumi Pednekar

Bhumi Pednekar has never looked sexier before!


From gaining about 27 kgs, for her role in Dum Lagake Haisa, to knocking off a lot more than that, it has been quite a journey for this talented young actor . Bhumi Pednekar has never looked sexier before. While most of us struggle all our life to lose that excess weight, Bhumi did it with so much ease. Read on to find out how:

Have Realistic Goals:

According to Bhumi, losing and gaining and losing weight again, takes a toll on your body. However, she was mentally prepared to go through these two processes in life. “But I had realistic goals, I was prepared. I wanted to do it naturally so that I have no regrets later or try to fix what I did wrong while losing my weight, for the rest of my life. I did that in a very happy space, with the help of my family and friends,” adds Bhumi. She did not starve, but ate well, and did not deprive herself or go into depression because she couldn’t eat food. It was an intense schedule, a mix of exercise and diet, “Because 70 % is what you eat for sure. I was dedicated coz i am a lazy person otherwise. I did not eat anything that my body did not need but at the same time I had wholesome food and I had even cheat days. I’ve been on this rampage, I’ve discovered a lot about my body and I am trying to sculpt it in the most wholesome and healthy way possible” says Bhumi.

Her Fitness Guru:

Bhumi feels there is nobody in the world who has knowledge like Akshay Kumar on fitness in a holistic way. Bhumi says, “I am always looking up to him on tips on fitness, I keep chewing his brains on that.”
Her Inspiration: She didn’t much time to answer this one . “There is nobody who has a hotter body than Shilpa Shetty. She’s got a great body. I watch her yoga videos and her workout videos. She has always been fit and is such an inspiration to so many generations,” was Bhumi’s quick response to the question.

Say No To Size Zero:

These days enough mainstream actresses are quite comfortable with not being the perfect size zero that was expected of heroines earlier. Bhumi feels that while we do need to be fit, we don’t have to starve ourselves to be a size zero. Bhumi believes : “We Indian women are curvy and voluptuous and that’s the beauty of it. Yes we need to be fit but that does not mean you need to be a size zero. Also being an actor we have a big responsibility when it comes to being a role model, the youth look up to us, so it is wrong if we promote size zero or bulimia, what we need to promote is fitness, mental fitness about feeling confident with your body. Therefore, that image of a size zero and perfect body needs to be broken.”

We second that Bhumi!