Here’s Why Sonakshi Sinha Is ‘Kinda’ Jealous Of Her Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi Co-Star Diana Penty

This is what happens when two Happy’s meet on set!

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The trailer of Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi begins with an introduction to the new Happy, Navpreet Kaur(Sonakshi Sinha ) who plays Happy in the movie. But the movie also has the old Happy Diana Penty (Harpreet Kaur) who makes an appearance in the trailer later.

Having two female leads in a film can sometimes be fun for all and sometimes an ordeal because of the catfights we often get to hear about between the female stars. But the team of Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi swears that they had no such incidents and both Sonakshi and Diana got along very well!

We all know that the two girls play runaway brides so when the two were asked if they have ever run away from something in real life, Sonakshi said, “Yes from my tuition teacher, from school, from home sometimes and even from the paparazzi.” Diana, however, says that she has never really run away from so making things like Sonakshi. “ I have never run away from so many things because I just don’t have the knack for escaping except Happy. Yes, I have sometimes run away from college,” shares Diana.

When two Happy’s meet the happiness is double!

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Even though Diana and Sonakshi got along well while shooting the film, Sonakshi said that she was jealous of the fact that Diana does not put on weight easily! While Sonakshi said that the things that made her happy in life were work, family, friends and food, Diana too agreed that good food makes her very happy. “I eat 2 lunches, 2 dinners, in between tea time snack whenever I shoot with this production house,” said Diana. “Some girls have all the luck!” added Sonakshi, pretending to be a wee bit jealous!

All said and done, the two are happy to be working together.Diana says that happiness is double in this film because of Sonakshi. Sonakshi too said that she enjoyed working with Diana in the film and the two of them had a lot of fun. “ I was looking forward to working with Diana ever since I watched the first film.”

Diana said, “ I couldn’t be happier that Sonakshi is in the film because she is full of happiness!”

Chalo All’s Happy that ends Happy!