Here’s What Chris Hemsworth is Doing In India; Other Than Taking Selfies

Thor is here to have an experience of a lifetime

Here’s What Chris Hemsworth is Doing In India; Other Than Taking Selfies
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Hate the traffic of India? Well, you will be beyond surprised to see who is completely unfazed by the maddening traffic of India. It is none other than our dear Thor from the movie Avengers. He is in the country for his next Netflix movie, Dhaka. He describes the hustle bustle of the city as a “beautiful chaos”.

The traffic of Ahmedabad may have got him overwhelmed, with the cars honking all around, what overwhelmed him, even more, was the love that he received from his fans here. His Instagram post in which he is seen holding hands with some children vouches for the fact that he is not without love for us. He is fancied by the “tuks tuks”, the cacophony of the horns, and how their car went on the wrong side of the road. Everything seemed to amuse him and not annoy him, and that is the down earth Thor for us. The videos and snaps posted by him on Instagram were an instant hit. He even shared pictures with the children present on his sets, and he expresses his heartfelt gratitude for the kindness and generosity that he has received from India.

The Netflix movie, Dhaka is to be directed by Sam Hargrave. The movie will be shot in Mumbai as well. The plot of the film revolves around the story of a man, played by Chris himself, rescuing an Indian boy who is kidnapped. The script of the movie is a joint effort of Anthony and Joe Russo, who had directed Infinity War. The film will be produced by them under the AGBO banner. Parts of this thriller will also be shot in Thailand. Also starring Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda, Dhaka remains a much-awaited release for all of us.

Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram now has quite a few posts of India, and one such post was where he was seen devouring a customized edible Thor, which he received as a welcome package. Now that’s the Indian style of showing the love.

Chris Hemsworth has his kitty filled with great films. He will be seen in the spy thriller MIB, and he is currently working on post-production for Drew Goddard’s Bad Times. Imitating the “beep beep” of the horns and spreading all the love amongst his fans, Thor has won some hearts here owing to his sheer beautiful nature, and we are sure that his Netflix debut is going to be a great hit.