Here Is What Jacqueline Fernandez Does, When Not Facing the Camera

Happy Birthday Jacqueline!

Here Is What Jacqueline Fernandez Does, When Not Facing the Camera
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She is glamorous, she is pretty and she can steal hearts. She is the one who, irrespective of not having won a lot of acclaim, has not let that bog her down. This pretty lady turns 33 today (11th August, 2018) and her life entails a lot more than just facing the camera.

Being a fitness freak she has taken the world of the fitness regime to a different level. Having won the prestigious title of Miss Srilanka Universe, in 2006, the gorgeous star has come together with Mojostar to introduce an active wear for women which can be worn as easily at a bar as at a gym.

The 32 year old stunning Jacqueline said that she needed something to have a direct impact upon her. Having worked at different fields and followed various pursuits, she experienced a void. Just*F is Jacqueline’s attempt to fill that void. Blatantly feminine and very fashionable, it is a personification of Jacqueline herself. It is best suited for contemporary women, adding colours and frills to their fashion requirements. It takes nerve of steal to start one’s own venture, and Jacky is sure to go a long way.

Jacqueline has won the title of PETA India's Digital Activism Award
Jacqueline has won the title of PETA India’s Digital Activism Award

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The Housefull 3 star does not stop here. She has made us proud by winning the title of PETA India’s Digital Activism Award. She is all for the protection of animals, and she has used her stardom and digital presence in a positive way. The Judwa 2 star is known for collaborating with PETA India and Lakme Fashion Week, speaking for the adoption of street dogs. Apart from this she has campaigned with the aid of social media, asking her fans to support PETA India’s #FreeGajraj, which is a heart warming effort for all the elephants that had been chained for fifty years.

Feeling of deeply for the animals, even PETA India is charmed by her use of social media to promote the rights of animals and they look forward to support her for as long as she continues with her trial for animals. She has also worked against horse drawn carriages. She called attention to the pitiful condition of the animals in circuses.

Jacqueline is now also the proud owner of a Thai restaurant, Pali Thai in Bandra along with her close friend Mishali Sanghani and star architect Ashiesh Shah. Last December, she started her first restaurant named Kaema Sutra back home in Colombo, along with Chef Dharshan Munidasa.

Born with a heart of gold, she deserves special credit for her incredible fashion sense and much coveted fitness.