Up Close and Personal with Bhumi Pednekar

“Toilet is the villain in my love story” – Bhumi Pednekar


She started out on her own when she was only 17, working as a casting director, to escape being sent to England for further studies and now her second film, Toilet is all set to hit the theaters on 11th August. Amidst all the excitement, Bhumi Pednekar opens her heart to HFT, on things that are close to her heart. Read on :

On Toilet:

When I heard the title Toilet, I was like; What? Really? But when I heard the narration of the script, I was blown away. It’s a love story, all they want to do, is be together and in this epic love story, the toilet becomes a villain. This film has changed my perception about India, we blame the government for everything, but this has largely to do with the mindset of the people. We come from a long line of suppression, a long line of a culture that hasn’t evolved with time. It’s a slice of life film and as a responsible citizen, you’re going to feel a sense of change once you walk out of the film. It’s not just a rural problem; it’s also an urban problem. It’s a rare chance in your career to be offered such film. The biggest challenge for me, was how to understand what these women have to go through to go to the loo.

On Being Typecast:

After Dum Lagake Haisha, I was scared of being typecast. The day I signed the film I knew I had to knock off all the weight and come back to being Bhumi. But I was surprised that all the roles I got post the film, there wasn’t a single role that required me to be overweight. I was happy that our filmmakers and audience have really evolved. It was a great feeling to know that you were accepted.

(Image credits: Rahul Jhangiani, shortday.in)

On Nepotism:

I always wanted to be an actor but I was a casting assistant in Yash Raj Films and I was picked up for Dum Lagake Haisa. I come from a non filmy family just like Anushka Sharma, Vani Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and even Parineeti Chopra to an extent but they have reached where they are. So my point is I have never faced such a thing, I did not expect the industry to accept me like this. I got a lot of offers post my first film from known film makers. So I personally have not faced it nor have I supported it even while casting people earlier, our process while auditioning is the same for everyone, even star kids have to go through an audition. But yes, nepotism does exist. What I would like to say is that you will only survive it if you have the talent to survive it.

On Feminism:

I am a feminist but I am not a ‘feminazi’. I don’t hate men but I believe in equality, I believe that both men and women have been made with the same mental and physical strength so there is no reason why we should bully each other.

On Working With Akshay:

Since he is an early riser, and I love waking up early finishing my day early too, we bonded over that. It was fantastic working with him. It’s just my second film and being from a non filmy family and I was heard things like these stars are always late or they have an attitude etc. but Akshay was none of those things. To see someone as his stage of his career, being so driven, dedicated, so passionate, it was refreshing and a great example for me that you can reach that level by being like this. You don’t need to be a typical Bollywood or Hollywood super star. He’s so humble and good with people, his behavior towards everybody is the same. He is so hard working and rehearses his lines and scenes one day before the shoot, which I as a new comer never did even in Dum Lagake Haisha. Working with him has been like a dream, I have great respect for him. He’s always spreading happiness because he is such a happy person.

On that happy note: Here’s wishing the entire team of Toilet, All the Best! From team HFT.