Anushka Sharma Kohli Says 2018 Has Been Full Of Challenges. Here’s Why

She also shares why she and Shah Rukh Khan make the most loved onscreen jodi


She pulls any role that is give to her skillfully and she has proved that time and again right from her first film itself. This year especially, Anushka Sharma proved her mettle with the varied characters she played in her films like Pari where she had the scariest avataar without looking scary, then she played a village belle in Sui Dhaga and looked every bit the part, and the hip journalist in Sanju. Now she plays a NASA scientist who suffers from cerebral palsy in Zero, a role that probably no other Bollywood actress has done before.


Anushka loves challenging roles like the one she did in Pari

But she says, “Most difficulties I have faced as an actor is this year, but if of you pull it off then it’s a sense of accomplishment.If I am not doing something that challenges me then I get bored.I like to reinvent myself with every film. It feels good to take up challenging roles, roles that you know will be difficult for me to do. It’s easy to do something that’s closer to my personality but it’s exciting to do something that pushes you and challenges you.”

This is also the fourth film she has done with Shah Rukh Khan and their onscreen pairing has always been well appreciated by the audience. On being questioned about what makes their jodi so loved Anushka says,”I think it is because of the characters we have done, that have been interesting and different. My very first film with him he did a very different kind of role, people had not seen him like that.So I guess it’s the interesting characters we do together that always works.”

It’s not easy to play a character with a serious challenge when one has never been in the similar situation but from the trailer that we have watched so far, Anushka seems to have pulled the role of a person suffering from cerebral palsy pretty well. Speaking about how difficult it was to play the part she said, “When the script came to me, Himanshu and Anand sir had done a lot of research and they made me understand the challenges they face.I had to understand the limitations of this character, how someone with this condition has to be so confined. You’re sitting on this chair all the time and as an actor playing the character also I was confined to a chair.I had to create the involuntary spasms that a person with cerebral palsy goes through, while also paying attention to the dialogue and emotions and that was very difficult.It was tough!”

I wouldn’t say I am nervous, I feel nervous before I start working on a character but when I have done it and done it to the best of my ability, I don’t really feel nervous.

Anushka never takes the baggage of her success or failure onto her next film
Anushka never takes the baggage of her success or failure onto her next film

Speaking about challenges in life Anushka explained it in a very easy matter of fact and positive manner saying, “All of us have challenges in life, like in the case of my character in the film she has cerebral palsy and that’s a physical or a health challenge, Shah Rukh Khan as Bauua has a physical challenge and Katrina who plays a superstar in the film has a challenge of a different kind, she has an emotional challenge.What I mean to say is sometimes the challenges are visible in the case of Shah Rukh and my character and sometimes it’s not seemingly so like in the case of Katrina’s character, people would feel what challenges can she have since she’s a superstar etc. but then she does have a challenge.Similarly all of us have some challenge or the other in life which we have to overcome.”

Actors constantly face challenges when it comes to the success and failures of their films, on being questioned about whether it affects her and how, Anushka said, “When you take the baggage of success or failure of a film onto your next film then it doesn’t work. Because if you take the baggage of your success then that becomes complacent and if you take the baggage of your failure then you bring bad energy to not only your own work but to everyone else.”

We’re sure with her positive attitude and talent, there will be nothing but positive energy all the way for Anushka! Here’s wishing her all the best for Zero.