Alia Bhatt Wishes She Was Like Her On Screen Gully Boy Character Safeena. Here’s Why

Alia admits that she's a strong Mumbaikar in her heart and DNA


We met up recently with this powerhouse of talent, Alia Bhatt, for an interview for her upcoming film Gully Boy. She seems to get better and better with every film that she does. In whatever little we saw of her in the trailer of Gully Boy, she manages to draw our attention like she does with every character she plays. It is amazing to see how his hoity doity Juhu girl gets into the skin of her character Safeena and mouths typical Mumbaiya dialogues like ‘Dhopdungi’ etc.

But Alia tells us that she is a Mumbaikar at heart afterall! Read on to know more about the things Alia has to say about her experience with Gully Boy.

How excited or nervous are you about Gully Boy?
The trailer communicates the film correctly. It’s very tricky to communicate a film like this correctly, there is a track in it which is important to the film. The response we got is extremely overwhelming. It’s my most positive response I have ever got for a trailer ever. I am nervous now because the expectations are very high.When expectations are high you feel a bit more responsible. But I am very happy with the final outcome of the film.The story of an underdog is very true. Everyone no matter where who we are in our life, we all have our dreams and want to achieve them. When it’s a story about real struggle and truth anyone and everyone will connect to it.

How do you pick your films?
According to me the only thing that should matter when I take up a film, is the writing, the story and the writing of the character.Other than that nothing should matter and also of course the director matters. Rest of the things like who else is in it etc. etc. does not matter.

Alia Bhatt wishes she could be like her on screen character Safeena from Gully Boy

Did you have to keep up with Ranveer’s energy?
As a performer, he’s blown my mind.I don’t need to keep up with Ranveer’s energy. It’s nice he takes over, I look at him, he calms down and then I start talking. I like to enjoy his energy.The energy he has is because he wants to make people happy, he wants people to have a good time and he wants positive energy around, but he’s actually a very simple, sensitive human being.That’s an art you can’t do that all the time.

Did you know about street rappers before Gully Boy?
I was aware of Divine and Naezy but I didn’t know much about them. I knew them and a couple of underground artists because my sister told me about them. They are very popular online, but as a mainstream it’s just catching up and the rap scene is changing.After Gully Boy I realised how live the Indian Hip-Hop culture is.

Was Gully Boy as difficult as Raazi?
In Raazi I had a lot on my shoulders, I was in every frame and I had the responsibility of portraying the character in a very sensitive way.Whereas with this film, three days into the film only and I was like ‘Wow! This is so much fun!’ Ranveer had to do everything, I just had to come on the sets be myself and do some ‘gulu gulu’ and leave. I was packing up early,I had a blast while shooting this film.

Alia Bhatt says that as a performer Ranveer Singh has blown her mind as a performer

How much do you relate to Safeena your character in Gully Boy?
I do have a ‘tapori’ side to me. When I was doing the character I did feel that I could speak like this. There is a strong Mumbaikar in my heart and DNA and I felt very comfortable saying those dialogues. Another thing about my character Safeena is that she is not bothered about what she says, she says and does exactly what she feels like. That attitude is amazing, it’s so free. As an actor we have to always be correct, say the right things and act correct, it feels so free to be that way.I wish I could be like her. But then I have the need to be right and good in my head and sometimes I wish I could be bad.I am that way because I want people to like me and I want to be liked. I don’t want to be someone who has said anything wrong, even though I may not be wrong.Though I am short tempered and I say things and get it out of my system. I do that a lot but Safeena is very high tempered.

You just said that you want people to like you, but Kangana Ranaut seems to be miffed at you for a comment you made. What do you have to say about that?
I don’t think she dislikes me and I don’t think I have done anything intentionally to upset her. If I have then I will deal it at a personal level. I respect her and respect her as an actor and how she’s very outspoken. It takes immense courage to be that way.I was not aware of this problem.Ya I don’t want to upset anyone.

We know that Alia and we hope Kangana knows it too and learns to forgive and forget! 🙂