Alia Bhatt Also Has Her Fan Girl Moment

Here's what Alia Bhatt wrote to Kareena Kapoor 


Every young girl wants to be like Alia Bhatt and every young man wants to date someone like Alia Bhatt but this time it’s not about Alia’s fans but about her own fangirl moment!

The whole world is crazy about Alia Bhatt and she has fans all across the whole wide world. She’s also one of the finest actresses in the Indian film industry. Can someone as successful, gorgeous and a huge fan following of her own also have her fan girl moments.

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What we are about to tell you is not a page out of Alia’s many crazy fan following moments but her one fan girl moment. Alia has on many occasions openly appreciated many of her co-actors, but this time round she has taken a heart-warming route to put her feelings in words which is sure to leave many misty-eyed.

Being inspired from a heartfelt letter she received from Deepika Padukone on the sets of Lux Golden Rose Awards, Alia decided to don the writer’s hat and penned a letter to another fellow actor. The fellow actor was none other than the vivacious Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Here’s what she wrote to Kareena:

Dear Kareena,
Apne career ke bulandi pe
Tumne chuna Chameli jaisa role
Par un galliyon mein jo waqt bitaya, kissi ne na jana
Tum ho mere liye ek inspiration

Kareena, in turn, wrote “I love you Alia” to express her gratitude after receiving and reading the letter.

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