Tuesday Thoughts: 9 Pearls Of Wisdom By Shah Rukh Khan

Read these 9 truly motivational statements to have an awesome day ahead!

Tuesday Thoughts: 9 Pearls Of Wisdom By Shah Rukh Khan

He is witty, sarcastic and cocky by turn and always seems to have a comeback ready for every occasion. Shah Rukh Khan’s wittiest quotes, probably, is all we need on a Tuesday to brighten our thought, right?

So here we find ourselves, on a Tuesday, having compiled 9 quotes, that you will never forget. Feast your eyes, mind and soul on the brilliance of SRK. And remember: Have a great Tuesday. Consider yourself motivated.

His Acting Advice:

SRK's Acting Advice

His Success vs Failure Advice:

SRK's Success vs Failure Advice

His Crude Life Lesson:

SRK His Crude Life Lesson

His Thought On ‘Why Failure Is Good’?:

SRK Thought On ‘Why Failure Is Good’

His Advice On ‘Decision Making’:

SRK Advice On ‘Decision Making’

His ‘Be Good’ Advice:

SRK ‘Be Good’ Advice

His ‘Acting’ Advice Yet Again:

SRK ‘Acting’ Advice Yet Again

His Parenting Advice:

SRK Parenting Advice

His Way Of Reality Checking:

Way Of Reality Checking

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