5 Villainous Roles We Would Love To See Ranveer Singh In

Only Ranveer can pull off these malicious characters, don't you think?

5 Villainous Roles We Would Love To See Ranveer Singh In

Ranveer Singh stunned us in the trailer of his recent film Padmavati where he will be seen playing the role of a villain. This is the first time the actor has taken a negative role and we must say it seems he has done a more than impressive job.

During an interview, Ranveer recently mentioned how this role was extremely dark for him and compared to Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Fans on the other hand have been comparing Ranveer’s look to Khal Drogo of Game Of Thrones.

Welll, we think the actor has some serious talent and here’s looking at other villainous roles he would have pulled off well:

1. Gabbar Singh

While we don’t want Sholay to ever get remade, to thnink about a new cast is not a crime. Ranveer Singh as Gabbar would certainly add a lot of drama to this character. He has the quality to transform himself quite amazingly for all his films. We can’t wait to hear him ask, “Kab hai Holi, Holi kab hai?”.

2. Mogambo

One thing for sure, Mogambo and Ranveer’s fashion sense are not too far. Sporting those stylized avatars, Ranveer can definitely pull off Mogambo’s role except for the missing Amrish Puri baritone.

3. Kancha Cheena

While there will be no more Agneepath remakes, there’s no harm imagining how amazing Ranveer would have looked as Kancha Cheena. He would have to beef up a little but it would certainly be fun to catch him in a scary character like Cheena. Sanjay Dutt still gives us the chills from the remake.

4. Magneto

Why limit ourself to Bollywood? Like his alleged girlfriend Deepika Padukone, if Ranveer plans to make it to the Hollywood, we have some grey characters that will suit him. He would be a great choice to play the superhero villain, Magneto/Eric Lensher. Playing a superhero is too mainsream and hence Ranveer could be the hot anti-hero.

5. Darth Vader

Because costumes are fun, we would love to see Ranver pull off a Darth Vader from Star Wars. If he is on the dark side, we wouldn’t mind sliding a bit too.