5 Life lessons We Can Learn From Kareena Kapoor

Because every girl wants to be like Poo

Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kareena Kapoor Birthday Girl

She still makes heads turn wherever she goes, and I guess her baby Taimur gets that head turner streak from her too. She’s the quintessential Poo that we’ve all loved and idolized at some point and there is a lot to learn from this gorgeous actress and one of the yummiest mommies in Bollywood. Here are five lessons we can all learn from her:

1. Be a Girl Boss

Be A Girl Boss(Image Credit: starsunfolded)

Kareena is the original girl boss of Bollywood. He character in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam is proof. Her character Poo, changed every girl’s attitude about looking at life and doing things. She proved the saying; ‘Be yourself and the world will adjust!’ with the way she mouthed her dialogues like “Whatever!”

2. Be proud of your body

Be Proud Of Your Body(Image Credit: YouTube)

She was responsible for starting the zero size which became a fitness craze even though a lot of people criticised that, she really didn’t care. The when she was expecting baby Taimur, she was equally at ease to flaunt her baby bump and pose for the shutterbugs. She showed women how they should be proud of their body.

3. It’s ok to voice your opinions

Kareena is one actress who never shies from calling a spade a spade. She is known to always speak her mind and voice her opinions openly. Being diplomatic is not just her style. She’s also always been very open and vocal about her relationships and love life be it with Shahid Kapoor or Saif Ali Khan

4. Sister Goals

Sister Goals(Image Credit: youtube)

She shares a very close relationship with her older sister Karishma Kapoor, who is also her closest friend. The two of them do mostly everything together from going out on a girls night out to shopping and holidays. Kareena has also always been by her sister’s side during her divorce with ex-husband, Sanjay Kapur.

5. Keep your circle small

keep your circle small(Image Credit: pinkvilla)

Kareena has told HFT in one of her earlier interviews that she’s the happiest when she’s home and she doesn’t like socializing much unless it’s with her closest circle of friends and family. She even told us that she doesn’t feel the need to be on social media. Some of her closest friends are the Arora sisters; Amrita and Malaika Arora, Karan Johar and Manish Malhotra.

HFT Wishes the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor a very Happy Birthday! Keep being a trendsetter that you are.