20 of the funniest tweets by Ryan Reynolds!

Ryan Reynolds is known for his amazing sense of humor and his Twitter account is proof enough.

Image Credit: Movie- Deadpool

Brace yourselves. You are about to witness the ultimate king of Twitterverse- Ryan Reynold’s funniest tweets. The Deadpool star has probably already tickled your funny bones in his movies. But guess what, he is no less witty and funny in real life. His Twitter is FULL of hilarious tweets ranging from comments on other celebrities to his own personal experiences. I have here made a list of 10 of the funniest tweets from his account, but trust me 10 is just not enough.

1. The time when he tried his hands on art. It probably didn’t go as expected or maybe it did! *wink*

2. His jokes are sometimes hidden criticism. This is his way of asking us to watch less news maybe.

3. Here’s one cute and relatable mother-son incident he shared. His take on his personal experiences is almost always hilarious.

4. Ah, we have all been there Ryan! Trust me, I have. Relaxing is not as easy as it sounds.

5. And he keeps getting these weird and crazy requests. Sometimes, he tweets hilarious replies to those requests.

6. Here’s another weird request and his kickass reply.

7. And when somebody asked him about those explicit requests, his reply won all hearts.

8. The tweet where he described his horrible Airplane-washroom experience.

9. When in France…

10. A subtle dark joke!

11. When he wishes his wife Happy Birthday, in his own style of course.

12. And when he wished her again, next year.

13. When he writes on a dark reality of our existence.

14. The one with his best friend’s mention.

15. Nobody knows whether he is taking a dig at him or is he a genuine fan. In any case, we get to laugh.

Now, next 5 tweets are his most popular Parenthood tweets. Also, my favorites.

16. The struggle to be a good father is REAL!

17. Now he is a great parent. Isn’t he?

18. He can do anything for his daughter. Awwwww

19. Hey but at least he is honest 😛

20. Ummm..

Go stalk his Twitter account! There are SO MANY more.